Best CMA Review Course Comparison

cma review course

I have had the opportunity to personally test out most of the top rated CMA review courses available.

Not only has this opportunity allowed me to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, but it made me realize that I wasn’t fully satisfied with any one course in particular. In fact, this is what lead me to create my flagship review course, CMA Exam Academy.

While I stand behind my review course wholeheartedly, I believe in being fully transparent when it comes to business. This is why I’m going to break the top 4 CMA review courses so you can make an educated decision.

Each breakdown will feature the course strengths, weaknesses and unique selling factors that made it onto my top list.

Before diving into the break down I want to remind you that not every course is built the same. Furthermore, not every course is designed to accommodate your individual learning style.

Be sure to take into consideration your particular learning style when making this incredibly important decision.

After all, which CMA review course you choose can make or break you on exam day. The national pass rate for Part One is only 35% and 50% for Part Two. With such low statistics you don’t want to risk choosing the wrong course.

So let’s get down to all the details and check out my comparison of the best CMA review courses now.

CMA Review Course Comparison

Below is a side by side comparison of the best cma review courses available online.

CMA Course Comparison

As you can see there are several different options and clearly not all CMA review courses are designed the same.

When it comes to passing your CMA exam on the first try, I have found that the combination of self study and one-on-one coaching found in CMA Exam Academy really allows candidates to excel.

CMA Review Course Detailed Breakdown

cma review course

CMA Exam Academy

CMA Exam Academy is my flagship certified management accountant review course. Over the years I have continued to improve on it based off candidate feedback.

CMA Exam Academy Strengths

One-on-One Coaching Support and Accountability

One-on-one coaching is one of the most critical support systems you can have when preparing for the CMA exam.

As your dedicated coach, I offer years of coaching experience, as well as personal knowledge having taken and passed the CMA exam myself.

I will help keep you accountable with weekly live calls where we can talk about progress and strategy, like how streamline your studying by identifying your weaknesses.

On top of these live calls I will also send you weekly updates on your progress and you can contact me 24/7 with any questions that may pop up.

Video Based Coaching

The core of CMA Exam Academy is video based tutorials and lectures. Each topic is broken down into easy to understand terms.

Every video is high quality in both sound and picture so there are no distractions to the lesson at hand.

Adaptive Learning Technology

CMA Exam Academy uses adaptive learning technology. This means once you start making your way through the course material, our software will help identify areas of strength and weakness and automatically begin to test you on topics that you need to improve on.

12 Week Study Plan

If you require guidance and structure then the 12 week study plan is perfect for you. There are two 12 week programs – one for Part One and another for Part Two. Each is designed to tackle every important topic that you will need to know in order to pass the CMA exam in as little as 6 months time.

Don’t think your schedule is flexible enough for only 12 weeks of study? No worries.

We can accommodate students who need more time. After all, you do have access to the course for 1 year per part, or 2 years for both parts combined if purchased together.

Supplemental Resources

If you don’t have a background in accounting and finance, no worries. CMA Exam Academy comes with formula guides that are essential to exam success.

Candidates also receive exam and study hack guides, plus audio review materials for on the go studying.

Exam Pass Guarantee or Your Money Back

Investing in the CMA review course can come at a high price for many candidates. That is why I offer an exam pass guarantee.
When you buy this course I guarantee to help you pass or your money back.

Online Interactive Textbook

Textbooks are great, but an interactive online textbook is even better. My interactive textbook covers 100% of the ICMA LOS material and allows you to highlight, comment and bookmark as you read. This way you can easily find notes and pages that you want to refer back to.

Still not convinced? Click Here for a few more reasons why I think you should try it out!


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CMA Exam Academy Weaknesses

2-Year Test Bank Access

Unlike some courses that offer you lifetime access to their courses, CMA Exam Academy limits your access to two years if you enroll in both parts at the same time, or 1 year per part.

While this can be a downside for some, it is my experience that most candidates take and pass both parts of the exam in less than two years. On top of that, unlimited access tends to encourage procrastination which inevitably works against your success.

No Flash Cards

If you are hoping for flash cards to help you study anywhere, anytime, there are none here. We do however offer audio reviews for candidates hoping to study on the go.

Not Self Study

If you’re a self starter, don’t battle with procrastination, and self study is your ideal learning style then CMA Exam Academy is not for you. Weekly check ins remind you to stay on track with the 12 week study schedule.

Wiley CMAexcel

What’s unique about Wiley’s CMA review course is that they actually offer two different versions. CMAexcel (which I will be focusing on) is their all in one study program. CMA Learning System is their self-study learning pack and only comes with a textbook, access to the test bank and online review.

Wiley CMAexcel Strengths

Free Trial

When it comes to choosing the right CMA course you don’t want to risk picking the wrong one. That’s why a Free Trial is so alluring. Wiley offers a free two week trial of their CMA test prep material so you can test it out yourself.

During this free trial you will have access to a select few CMA online classes, full access to their exam planner, practice exams, video lectures, flashcards and more.

Video Lectures

Another strength for Wiley CMA exam prep is their video lectures. You have access to 21 hours of exam content covered by Professor Doug Clinton.

With over 15 years of experience and an engaging presence, Prof. Clinton breaks down key topics in bite sized lessons so they are easy to digest.

Exam Planner

Wiley offers an interactive study planner that can be customized to fit your schedule. Within this study planner you can view your performance, track areas of weakness, and receive email notifications reminding you to study.

CMA Review Book Questions

Compared to other CMA prep courses, Wiley CMAexcel offers over 175 multiple choice questions and 50+ retired essay questions from past exams.

Exam Simulation

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is with an exam simulator. It mimics the environment and question style to help you become more acquainted with the exam structure and format.

Wiley CMAexcel Weaknesses


Wiley is by far the most expensive CMA preparation software available. With a whopping price of $1800 for both Part One and Part Two, many people do not have the budget for this.

If you purchase each part individually you are looking at a fee of $1200 per Part. If you opt for this review course, it makes more sense financially to buy both parts together and save $600.

Did I mention this is the price for a self study course too? For less you can enroll in CMA Exam Academy and have access to study materials as well as me as your personal CMA coach.

No Money Back Guarantee

Wiley does not offer any sort of money back guarantee when you purchase their course. This may be why they offer a free trial instead. This course costs nearly $2000, which is a lot of money for most people. A Money Back Guarantee or a Pass Guarantee gives candidates a certain peace of mind.

Designed for Online Learners

The truth is, some people do not find e-books and online CMA training programs an easy way learn. Instead they prefer hard copy textbooks or other more physical learning methods.

If this sounds like you, then Wiley is not designed for you. It is important to note that Wiley does offer hard copy textbooks.

Unfortunately, if you don’t plan on utilizing their study planner or other online resources, you will not reap the benefits of this program.

Smaller Test Bank

Test banks with CMA practice questions are one of the best resources available to candidates because they let you see how exam questions are structured. Unlike other programs like CMA Exam Academy and Gleim, Wiley offers a relatively small test bank in comparison.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that the variety and number of questions available from Wiley is simply not enough.

Gleim CMA Exam Review

Like many other CMA programs online, Gleim offers multi tiered CMA review materials. This includes:

    • Premium CMA Review
    • Traditional CMA Review
    • CMA Mega Test Bank

Each tier represents a different level of support.. For the purposes of this review, I will be discussing the Premium CMA Review package.

Gleim Strengths

Created by Dr. Gleim

Dr. Gleim is one of first certified management accountants in the USA and is highly respected in the world of finance and accounting. Along with a team of professionals with years of experience, they created Gleim CMA review.

Amy Ford is the lead instructor featured in the video lectures and also happens to be an IMA recipient of their Certificate of Distinguished Performance.

Access to Personal Counsellor

Gleim offers candidates a personal counselor that they have access to at any time. You can ask them questions about topics you are struggling with or they can advise you on creating a study plan that works for you.

While a personal counselor is a great addition, it is not the same as CMA Exam Academy’s one-on-one coaching.

Exam Simulator Close to the Real Deal

It can be hard to imagine what the environment and subject matter will be on exam day. This is why an exam simulator can really help you pass the CMA exam.

Gleim’s exam simulator tests you on all the most important study materials and is structured like the actual CMA exam. When using “test mode” you can take a practice test that is designed to reflect the same format found at Prometric centers.

The more you practice with the simulator, the more confident you will become.

Money Back Guarantee

If you do not pass the CMA exam, Gleim offers you your money back. So if you have any fear at all of not passing then this is a good option.

Gleim Weaknesses

Must Have Accounting Background

Gleim’s certified management accountant course was designed specifically for accountants and financial backgrounds.
If you don’t understand core concepts of accounting to begin with you may need to buy additional resources. This is definitely one of the downfalls to self study programs.

No CMA Knowledge Guide

If this is your first time taking a CMA review course online and do not have any previous knowledge of CMA material then you may feel overwhelmed. Unlike CMA Exam Academy, there is no knowledge guide provided to help you understand key CMA terms and concepts at a deeper level.

A guide like this is especially important for those who do not have a strong accounting background.

Textbook Format Lacking

Readability can really affect your ability to grasp information and feel confident with what you are consuming.

The Gleim textbooks, though full of incredible information, lack a format with clear readability. Larger headings, subheadings and bullet points could be a beneficial addition in future textbook revisions.

Hock International

Hock International is another popular CMA online course that offers many pros and cons. It is particularly popular among non-US candidates, which may speak volumes to its ability to break down core topics in simple terms.

Here’s how I think they stack up against other online CMA programs.

Hock International Strengths

Multiple Product Offerings

Similar to Gleim, Hock International offers different tiers of exam prep:

  • CMA Complete
  • CMA Review
  • CMA Videos

CMA Complete is exactly what you would expect; the whole package. It offers materials for both parts of the certified management accountant test prep. This includes printable PDF textbooks, flash cards, teacher support, mobile app with multiple choice questions (MCQ), mock exams and test questions, teaching videos as well as final review videos, plus a “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee.

Affordable Price

Hock International is one of the most affordable program for CMA certification online. To gain access to their complete review course for both parts one and two, the regular cost is $1249.

Teacher Support

Hock candidates will be assigned teacher support to help them overcome difficult topics. Teachers can also advise you on when and how to register for the exam when you’re ready.

Video Training

Unlike some other video training, Hock’s study videos are filmed in live CMA classes around the world. Audio recordings of these videos are also available however the quality of audio could be improved upon.

Hock International Weaknesses

Test Bank Questions Mediocre

According to reviews on TrustSpot, some students found that the difficulty of questions were relatively easy compared to other test banks. Some candidates have said they are not comprehensive enough to simulate the sort of questions you will actually find on the CMA exam.

Hock’s response to this was:

“The purpose of the questions is to test your application of knowledge so that you can assess your progress and are neither intended nor expected to be the same as the exam questions.”

No Accountability or Adaptive Learning Technology

One of the most common exam prep struggles is staying on track with your exam prep schedule and streamlining study hours.
Hock doesn’t offer any sort of exam prep accountability to help candidates stay on track. They do not offer any sort of testing to help you identify weaknesses either. Both would be helpful in helping you discover weaknesses so you know where to focus your efforts.

Why You Should Use a CMA Review Course

cma review course

The CMA exam is made up of 2 parts and you must pass both parts in order to earn your certification. Each part covers quite a lot of material, which is why using a CMA review course is incredibly important.

The ICMA breaks down the exam content into Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) and Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs). CSOs are essentially a high-level overview of the exam content, while the LOSs dive into more detail about the skills and abilities that candidates are expected to have.

Why am I telling you this? Because the best cma review courses are designed to expertly tackle all of this material so your only focus is to learn and digest it.

Review courses can help measure your progress and level of understanding as well. The best CMA review courses offer progress reports that break down your content comprehension, material strengths and weaknesses, and more. These reports allow you to stay accountable to laser focus your studying to weaker areas and give you an idea of how you are understanding core concepts.

By far the biggest reason you should be using a CMA review course is for its built-in support system. Review courses offer encouragement, guidance or accountability to help you on your CMA journey.

Determining Your Personal Learning Style

cma review course

The truth is, everyone understands information differently. How you breakdown and digest information can greatly impact your ability to pass the CMA exam so understanding your personal learning style is key.

If you’ve never thought about what kind of learner you are, here’s a look at the most common types so you can self-identify your personal learning style:

  • Auditory – Understand material when someone explains it to you orally
  • Kinesthetic – Learn by doing or moving because it helps you concentrate on the material more
  • Linguistic – Reading and taking notes helps ingrain the material into your brain
  • Logical – You must understand the reason behind something in order to fully get the concept
  • Social – Study groups or peer-to-peer settings help you learn
  • Solitary – Self study or researching on your own is ideal
  • Visual – When watching videos or demonstrations helps you understand

If you resonate with two or more of these learning methods that is totally normal. Most people are a combination of learning styles, but understanding which methods work best for you is what’s most important.

For example, if you are an auditory/visual, solitary learner then you will want a CMA review course that offers video tutorials and a self-study plan to keep you on track.

On the other hand, if you identify as a social, logical learner you may feel more comfortable in a traditional class setting where you will be surrounded by peers and have access to a teacher.

Cost of CMA Review Courses

cma review course

When it comes to the best CMA review courses, the cost for programs, study materials and supplemental study resources varies greatly.

Textbooks and quickie online cram courses can be as cheap as $59 a pop, but they lack the depth and scope of a full blown review course. I don’t recommend this option to anyone.

As outlined above, the most common CMA review courses are CMA Exam Academy, Wiley CMAexcel, Gleim and Hock. The price for these courses ranges anywhere from $699 ot $1800 USD.

You may also want to take into consider the full CMA exam cost which includes:

  • IMA membership (from $39-245 annually)
  • One-time entrance fee ($188 for students, $215 for Professionals)
  • CMA exam fee for Part One and Part Two ($311 per part for students, $415 per part for Professionals)
  • Undergraduate degree (varies depending on College, but anywhere between ~$40,000-$140,000+)

There are so many considerations to take into account when becoming a CMA, so I hope I’ve made choosing a CMA review course a bit easier for you.

So Which is the Best CMA Review Course For You?

cma review course

In my experience, candidates thrive when they choose a review course that offers accountability, personal coaching and a structured study program. As I mentioned above, most of your success depends on the type of review course you choose based on your personal learning style.

I highly recommend using the section above to identify your personal learning style.

Those with a more solitary, linguistic learning style and who are self-starters would likely benefit from a self study program.

On the other hand, those with social, visual or auditory learning styles and who need structure and coaching support would do well with a program like CMA Exam Academy.

With one-on-one coaching, access to the most up to date information and a high level of accountability, you are bound to crush your exam.

For even more information or to enroll now, click here.

Good luck on this new and exciting journey!

Preparing for the CMA exam with Your Coach Nathan




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