CMA Exam Pass Rate Case Study

Our Pass Rate By Exam Window

May/June/July 2020 Exam Window

Academy Pass Rate: 94%
Global Pass Rate: 45%

Jan/Feb 2020 Exam Window

Academy Pass Rate: 79%
Global Pass Rate: 45%

Sep/Oct 2019 Exam Window

Academy Pass Rate: 90%
Global Pass Rate: 42.5%

May/June 2019 Exam Window

Academy Pass Rate: 94%
Global Pass Rate: 42.5%

Jan/Feb 2019 Exam Window

Academy Pass Rate: 100%
Global Pass Rate: 42.5%

Note: Our exam pass rate is based on the actual number of students who completed our course and took the exam.

CMA Exam Academy Reviews

“I really appreciate Nathan and his team has done for me in helping me achieve my CMA goal. Anyone wishing to become a CMA, I do recommend this program.

 Craig Wilson, CMA

The CMA Exam Academy’s structure, tools, and recommendations allowed me to pass both exams the first time in seven months from start of study to taking the second exam. I especially liked the program moved through topics, and reviewed previously learned topics each week.

– Robert Semethy, CMA

Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team are extremely flexible, supportive, and truly care about your success. I am very confident every candidate will be able to pass both parts of the exam the FIRST Attempt using the  Academy’s study content! The company responds quickly and is so helpful in making sure you are prepared to succeed. I can’t thank the team at CMA Exam Academy enough for their commitment to their students!

 Patrick Pellegrino

Yesss. We finally did it! Thanks a trillion to all of you for all the support. You guys proved your tag line of acing the exam in first attempt. I had several options, even a local coaching academy, but I chose you guys because I saw the commitment of clearing it in one shot. Not enough words to thank you. You all cooperated with me- Nathan, Steve, Anastasia and Nasim. You guys are just awesome. Got my first professional degree and that too a prestigious one. Thanks again. Thanks a lot.

– Syed Qumar Madani, CMA

“Dear Nathan: I recently passed part II of the CMA exam. I am already done with part I also. I want to thank you for the great support and inspiration you provided throughout my journey. You helped me to hold onto this designation and encouraged me to do my best despite my full-time job and the fact that I am a wife with three kids. Your tips were very helpful and the positive attitude you held reflected on me. Thank you very much.”

– Rana Itani, CMA

I just passed Part II of the CMA exam!  It was, by far, the hardest academic undertaking I’ve ever attempted, even harder than my MBA thesis.  It’s HIGHLY unlikely that I would have passed without the assistance and guidance of the CMA Exam Academy Program.  Looking back over my emails, I posed at least 225 questions about the sample MCQs and essays, and all were answered promptly. As I progressed through the program, it was obvious that the staff cared about making sure the material was understood.  Thanks to Nathan and his staff for always responding to any questions and reassuring me along the way.”

– Joseph Tarantino, CMA

“I initially chose another popular self-study option and quickly realized I was going to need more support understanding the material even though I have several years of accounting experience. I had seen Nathan’s ad’s and decided to listen to his podcast. I found the podcast very informative and motivating. I purchased both parts and am happy I did. What I like most about the program is the constant positive encouragement and the personal help and investment in my success.”

– Regina Ballard, CMA

I passed Part One in June then proceeded to take part 2 in October. I just got my results and I passed Part Two. Thank you Nathan Liao and your awesome team for helping me through this process. At one point, I thought it would be absolutely impossible for me to complete this exam. However through dedication and covering the correct material 2019 marks the passing of my CMA Exam.”

– Shandricka Stephenson, CMA

I passed my CMA Part 1 exam at first try in less than 3 months. This would not be possible without the help of Nathan and his team at CMA Exam Academy. Honestly, I picked this course because it offered a “money back guarantee” service. Once I started the course, I discovered so many great features. CMA Exam Academy’s test bank with plenty of practice tests for multiple choice and essay sections were the most useful; each question was explained further and had links to additional reading. Overall, great course design and awesome support! Thank you so much, Nathan and CMA Exam Academy Team! I am looking forward to passing my Part 2 exam soon.”

– Albeena Rivera, CMA Candidate

The CMA Exam Academy program, built in accountability, and personal support was a huge reason I was able to successfully pass both exam parts and become a CMA in less than a year. This program will help you stay focused and on track to accomplish your goals, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering becoming a CMA! 

– Kevin Hennessey, CMA

With Nathan’s comprehensive yet easy to use CMA review course, I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first try in just less than a year. Whenever I had an issue, Nathan and the Academy team promptly provided assistance, and I felt the utmost confidence in my preparation both times I walked into the testing center. Since being awarded my CMA, I have been promoted at work, and will soon be venturing off to a top MBA program. Thank you CMA Exam Academy for helping me on my journey!

– Charles Taylor, CMA

I have received an email informing me that I passed part 2 with a score of 390. Thank you so much for all of your support along the way and the program you have created. I really didn’t know if it was going to be possible to pass both parts of the CMA exam in less than a year, but your work has made it possible. I can’t be happier right now, and I am excited for what is to come! Again, thank you so much and I hope you have the best of luck with your next students!

– Brian Kopona, CMA

I am really thankful to CMA Exam Academy. I passed my CMA Part-Two exam with a score 390 on the very first attempt. The weekly assignments and mock exams really helped me a lot. The email support was fantastic and I never had any problems asking questions which the team was so enthusiastic to respond. Overall, worth every dollar! Thank You Nathan and all the support staff of CMA Exam Academy.

– Syed Madani, CMA

“With the help of CMA Exam Academy, I was able to pass both exams and earn my CMA in just one year! CMA Exam Academy allows you to make your own schedule and study at your own pace. They provide all the resources you need to pass your exams. I can’t thank Nathan and the team enough.”

– Cassie Sweeney, CMA

passed CMA part 1 exam on my first try with 370/500 as well as part 2 exam with 380/500! The whole course was an enjoyable experience for me. Nathan was there for me in all areas I needed support and guided me to successfully pass the exam. This was an investment not just in knowledge but also in my future.

– Darko Vlajkovic, CMA

I passed Part Two on first try!  I received a score of 370, I am super pumped. The CMA Exam Academy is the perfect tool to prepare you for these exams. I do not have a degree in Accounting and I passed Part 1 on my second attempt (just missed on first), and passed Part 2 on my first try. There is no way I could have done it without these prep courses and Nathan’s help. His presence and support really made a difference.”

– Rob Isaacson, CMA

I just passed Part II of the CMA exam (Nathan suggested Part II first since it doesn’t matter which order you decide to take them).  I have to say, it was probably one of the hardest test I have ever taken and I am elated that I passed.  It would have not been likely had I not signed up for the CMA Exam Academy program.  Between the exam material, the step by step study guide and the video tutorial, I was as ready as I could have been.  Nathan really cared about my progress and my results as we continued to exchange emails throughout.  Thanks Nathan!!!!!”

– Steve Christos, CMA

“I stumbled across Nathan’s website during my search for a Certificate that was appropriate for my interest. I messaged him for some guidance and clarity as I was not an Accounting major. He was honest and told me it may be a little more challenging but not impossible for me to pass. I decided to sign up with him because of his quick response but most of all honesty. I panicked at first because I meant to sign up for Part 2 first as opposed to Part 1. I passed Part 1 with a 370 with the dedicated help of Nathan.  No matter how many times I contacted him for clarity on questions he happily  answered and that is why I am happily signing up for Part 2 with himFollow the program step by step, dedicate this time as it would not last forever. I am happy with my pass and so are my family and friends. I know you would be happy as well as your value increases.”

– Jenna Evelyn, CMA

I have passed part 1 of the CMA exam on my first try with a score of 360. I have Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy to thank.”

– Paula Koerner, CMA Candidate

“I used Nathan’s CMA coaching website and am pleased to say I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first time. For Part 1 I got 420/500 and for Part 2 I got 440/500. I thank you for all your help. It really helped me a lot in planning and preparing for the exam.”

– Bob Varghese, CMA

Nathan is able to prepare any hard-working person to pass the CMA exam.  He has brought CMA success within reach of thousands of people around the world.  His coaching techniques are innovative and effective; his personal presence is supportive and reassuring. This unique combination enabled me to score 420 on Part 1 and 440 on Part 2.”

– David Wood, CMA

“I have passed both parts of the CMA in the Sept/Oct 2014 exam window on my first attempt. I followed Nathan’s method and cracked the exams. My scores are Part-One 420, and Part-Two 430.”

– Sushma Atthota, CMA

My experience with the academy was very good. The academy created a specific study plan which kept me on track. Having the combination of reading assignments, practice tests and videos were helpful to me.”

– Chase Barnabi, CMA

The CMA Exam Academy was instrumental in passing the CMA exam on my first attempt.  I don’t believe I would have passed in a timely manner without it.”

– Ruben Dorado, CMA

The biggest benefit of joining CMA Exam Academy is definitely the coaching so that I know what to expect when I take the exam.”

– Gary Kimminau, CMA Candidate

“I know the only way for me to pass this really complicated exam is if I understand every concept and practice it. CMA Exam Academy provides all that and more.”

– Amruta Bakre, CMA Candidate

“I wanted to let you know that I successfully pass part 2 of the CMA exam.  I want to thank you so much for all of the support you gave me during my preparation time for this exam.  I know that with your help I will get the same passing grade for Part 1 as well.  Again thank you so much.”

– Demetrius Lattany, CMA

I want to really thank you, for helping me through the exam preparation in the past few months. It was hard to prep for exam while having a crazy working hour job, but you helped a lot through (1) your carefully designed weekly study plan (2) your spontaneous email response when I have questions (3) your weekly encouraging words and reminder to me to keep on track of study plan. So I was feeling fairly confident walking into exam hall, as I’ve completed your mock exam assignments scoring above 80%. Thank you, really!”

– David Chen, CMA

I just wanted to take a moment and write to thank you for your program. I just received my part 1 exam results yesterday and I passed with a score of 430! Your program gave me a great study process and really helped me to learn and understand the content. Thank you so much! On to part 2.”

– James Line, CMA Candidate

“Nathan, I wanted to let you know that I passed the CMA Part 1 & 2 exam!  It was extremely challenging, but now I am done! Thank you for putting together your program.  It was very effective!”

– Christopher Garner, CMA

It feels really good to clear Part 1 of CMA in first attempt. I studied for 6 months before appearing for the exam. I wasn’t even sure if i could do it in 6 months but thanks to the perfectly planned approach of CMA Exam Academy it was really easy to go through with all the chapters. They have very well outlined the whole part by breaking it down into module wise targets. I only had to study as per Nathan’s guidelines and all i practiced was their test bank questions. My advice to everyone is to study everyday even if it is just for an hour. Because that way you can satisfy yourself that you did not waste even a day and every such small step will move you forward to achieve your goal.”

– Vidhi Pshukla, CMA Candidate

“I’ve been a CFO in public and private companies and taught finance and accounting as an Adjunct Professor for 14 years but if I’m honest. my test-taking skills are not the greatest. Because of my experience, I easily passed Part 1 of the CMA exam but failed to even get to the essay questions when I took Part 2 the first time. I found Nathan’s CMA Exam Academy course online and purchased it. After three months of study using these course materials and the test bank that was provided, I sat for Part 2 a second time.  Today I was notified that I passed the exam and am now a CMA. The materials in this course helped me set a pace, stay focused, identify my weak areas and prepare for the exam. This course was the push I needed to get me over the top and I highly recommend it and will be forever grateful.

– Laurence R. Huff, CMA

Hi Nathan & CMA Exam Academy, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to CMA Exam Academy who made me a CMA now.  This process is hard but the support that I got from you were immense. Thank you so much.”

– Srinivasan Rangarajan, CMA

“I would like to thank Mr. Nathan for being my teacher on the journey to becoming a CMA. I finally passed both parts.

– Bilal Khan, CMA

“When we look forward to pass professional exams within a short span, we need to follow the right approach and Nathan provides the 3 most important tools which I believe are very essential to pass the CMA exam: (1) Structured plan & assignments (Mock exams with 86% minimal score will help you to retain the content and tests your understanding). (2) Weekly emails, live sessions & follow-ups. (3) Positive quotes & encouraging candidates throughout the program. Along with my dedicated focus and determination to study, I passed the CMA exams on my first attempt. I’m glad that I have chosen CMA Exam Academy. Thank you Nathan.”

– Pragadeesh Nandivarman, CMA

“I enrolled in the CMA Exam Academy in 2019, and attempted Part 1 of the CMA Exam, for the first time in Feb 2020. With Nathan’s help, I was able to pass Part 1, on my first attempt itself! It was a more than 5 years since I graduated and taken my last Accounting course, but Nathan’s video lectures for each topic helped me refresh all the material that is tested. The question bank really helped me the most. Each topics simulated multiple choice questions were very similar in format, to the many of the multiple choice questions I had to complete on the actual exam. Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team were very responsive to all my questions I had about the exam, and numerous content specific questions I reviewed with them one-on-one. I highly recommend Nathan’s CMA review course, especially all the video lectures, and practice multiple choice questions, which will prepare you very well for the CMA exams. Thanks again Nathan, and looking forward to taking Part 2 of your review Course as well.

– Ronald Thomas, CMA Candidate

Nathan and the team at CMA Exam Academy helped me pass both part 1 and part 2 on my first attempt in less than one year. My score in part 1 was 400/500 and part 2 was 460/500. The way both the courses are structured prepares a student to be confident in his/her answer on the test day and pass them with flying colors. I thank Nathan and his team at CMA Exam Academy in helping me achieve my goal.

– Sabuj Mainul, CMA

“Without the CMA Exam Academy, I would have gotten off track with my preparations for the CMA exam. Between the structured study schedule and the constant contact from the team, I have been successful so far.”

– Harley Day, CMA Candidate

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