CMA Exam Academy Reviews

Our Student Average Pass Rate

2022 Exam Year
Academy Pass Rate: 92%
Global Pass Rate: 45%

2021 Exam Year
Academy Pass Rate: 88.7%
Global Pass Rate: 45%

2020 Exam Year
Academy Pass Rate: 88%
Global Pass Rate: 45%

2019 Exam Year
Academy Pass Rate: 94%
Global Pass Rate: 42.5%

Note: Our exam pass rate is based on the actual number of students who completed our course and took the exam.

"Before discovering CMA Exam Academy, I had already endured the disappointment of two failed attempts with another academy. My confidence was shattered, and I was on the brink of giving up on my CMA dreams altogether. However, everything changed when I found CMA Exam Academy.

Their program structure and guidance provided me with the roadmap I desperately needed. Within the promised 16 weeks, I not only regained my confidence but also achieved what seemed impossible before: I cleared my Part 1 exam on my very first attempt.

The Academy's comprehensive resources, personalized support, and expert guidance made all the difference. The clarity of the study plan, coupled with their unwavering commitment to student success, is unparalleled. I cannot express enough gratitude for their role in my journey to success.

To anyone considering CMA Exam Academy, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It's not just an academy; it's a lifeline for those who refuse to give up on their dreams of CMA certification. Thank you, CMA Exam Academy, for believing in me when I needed it most."

-Manisha Subramanian, CMA Candidate

"I am almost certain I would not have passed Part One on my first try without the Academy and the program. Having a tried and true accountability system kept me motivated and I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Huge thank you to Nathan and Team. On to Part Two!"

-Cindy March, CMA Candidate

"Thanks to Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team, I passed my CMA Part 1 on my first try! The amazing all-in-one program made the process clear and straightforward, even for someone like me with a different academic background and as a non-native English speaker. With one more exam to go, I'm excited to achieve my goal of integrating my healthcare and nursing background with management accounting expertise to contribute to meaningful and innovative projects in healthcare. Cheers to this fantastic journey! Mélina"

-Mélina Gagné-Bisson, CMA Candidate

"I would like to thank the CMA Exam Academy team and my family for supporting me through the long journey that required to dedicate time and being committed to the objective set in mind for earning the CMA, which thankfully I obtained. And the journey just begins!"

-Awyana Badro, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy gave me everything I needed to pass Part 1 of the CMA exam on the first try. After passing Part 1, I feel confident that the program works, and by following it, I can gauge how much study time is needed for each section, and I will know when I'm ready for the Part 2 exam."

-David Underwood, CMA Candidate

"I became a CMA in 10 months with CMA Academy! The course structure and accountability sets you up for success, while being backed by the entire Academy team and community. Coaches always responded to my questions and made me feel like I wasn't alone in my studies. Despite selling my house, completing a long distance move, and starting a new job, the CMA Exam Academy program still allowed me to achieve getting my CMA accreditation on time and on the first try!"

-Sharon Atlhea, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is the sole reason I am a CMA. I had previously purchased another program and found it so overwhelming, I gave up. The structure and pace provided by the Academy made it possible for me to master the material while working full time. I also appreciated how responsive the team was to any questions I had. Thank you!

-Stacey Baker, CMA

"Nathan Liao's CMA Exam Academy helped me pass the Part 2 exam on my first try! My Bachelor's degree was in Psychology, and my accounting knowledge prior to the CMA Exam Academy came exclusively from on-the-job experience in a variety of roles. The fact I passed such a difficult exam on the first try is a testament to the quality of Nathan Liao's CMA Exam Academy!"

-Peter Oquist, CMA Candidate

"As an aspiring CMA candidate I embarked on this journey which seemed challenging as well as rewarding. I was a career transition from biological sciences to accountancy, so the self-study path forward felt quite daunting. I had started following Nathan's CMA Show from the beginning of my journey and whenever I felt even the slightest bit uncertain about moving forward, Nathan became the driving force to inspire me back to my path of continuous learning. CMA Exam Academy's meticulously structured program provided the best content coverage that I could have got to prepare for this rigorous exam. My favorite part apart from the bite-sized video lectures were the white-board drills that provided exhaustive problem-solving demonstrations and master-the formula quizzes that immensely helped with retention of the materials. It is because of the comprehensive preparation provided by Nathan's program and the support of the entire CMA Exam Academy team that I could pass both the CMA parts within a year. I want to sincerely thank the team and want to wholeheartedly recommend CMA Exam Academy to any prospective CMA candidate. I can assure that Nathan and his team will be a catalyst to your success in your path to CMA Licensure!

-Anita Kothari, CMA

"Thanks to CMA Exam Academy I was able to pass my part 1 exam on the first attempt! The program helped me stay on track to learn all of the material before the exam. I had a few weeks between finishing my lectures and the exam which I highly recommend. I was able to go back and take numerous practice exams for each section and full practice exams. Thank you for the support CMA Exam Academy! I am excited to continue my journey towards completing my CMA."

-Shelbe Smoller, CMA Candidate

"The huge role for my success in part 1, I would say is because of the way the whole program has been structured. Reading the textbook then the lecture and mock tests are all so effective. If one is determined to complete all the assignments in the lectures success is guaranteed!"

-John Blasiuse, CMA Candidate

"Well structured online course with a good mix of tests and books. I was really surprised how well the content was summarized!"

-Julian Koerner, CMA

"I would highly recommend CMA Exam Academy to anyone looking to earn their CMA. Nathan and his team are there for you every step of the way. They provide great learning tools and support."

-Crystal Guerra, CMA

"The CMA Exam Academy takes the difficult goal of achieving your CMA and breaks it down in a structured way that cuts down on the study time and makes all the information easy to understand and retain.

Thanks for everything!"

-Kelly Waters, CMA

"Nathan Liao’s CMA Exam Academy is the perfect choice! I could not have passed without the CMA Exam Academy team! Their well-structured, strategic program allowed me to pass the CMA Part 1 exam on my first attempt despite having a Computer Science background! Additionally, my new skills acquired are already enhancing my career as CFO.

The CMA Exam Academy far exceeded my expectations. The books and lectures make it easy to learn the material. They do a great job of spreading out the material and breaking down difficult concepts with examples and through working problems. Their periodic homework assignments kept me on track and gave me the test bank practice I needed to confidently take the exam. The CMA Exam Academy Team have always answered my questions and concerns. They personally encouraged me and reassured me throughout the entire program.

Thank you, Nathan and CMA Exam Academy team for giving me the skills and confidence to take my career as CFO to the next level! Thank you for helping me reach my goal of passing the CMA exam on my first attempt!"

-Holly Whitney, CMA

"I passed both tests from the first trial, I passed the second test in less than four months and this couldn’t happen without CMA Exam Academy, Nathan and His wonderful team, I highly recommend the CMA Exam Academy for everyone."

-Bashar Al-Mishhadani, CMA

"This was a fantastic program. If you follow the steps and stay regimented and on task, it will be hard for you to NOT find success. I have never felt so prepared for any exam, and of course, passed part one on the first try. This team nails it."

-Adam Caraboolad, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy helped me to clear Part I exam in the first attempt and achieve a score of 390. Before this I attempted twice but both times ended up getting 340. I was about to discontinue, than one fine day I got an email from Nathan about there structured program. Without any second thought I enrolled in May22 and attempted the exam in Oct'22, it took little longer as I'm working with high demanding bosses. Their weekly structured program, reminders, and question bank helped me to complete Part 1. Thanks to CMA Exam Academy, Nathan and his team."

-Deepak Rana, CMA Candidate

"Nathan Liao’s CMA Exam Academy is a special program, uniquely tailored to the needs of its students. The amount of resources you have at your fingertips and the carefully tailored 16-week study plan makes the studying feel very manageable. When I studied for the CPA exam, I used Bisk and Becker and neither program offered live, weekly coaching like CMA Exam Academy does, as well as the amount of multiple choice questions to practice. The CMA Exam Academy Community is also very great and is a fantastic help in answering questions; all of the team at CMA Exam Academy are so positive and upbeat that it feels like they are truly walking with you in your journey, every step of the way. I have passed part 1 of the CMA exam and will begin part 2 study prep within the next few weeks. I have been very impressed, satisfied and glad that I chose CMA Exam Academy as my study program for the CMA certification."

-Zachary Hamilton, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy helped me strategically develop the skills and knowledge in order to pass the CMA exam on my first try !"

-Joseph Pitcher, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy prepared me for passing my Part 1 exam. The study tools, lectures, and whiteboard videos were a tremendous help. The test bank was my favorite and truly tested your knowledge before your exam."

-Brittanie Collier, CMA Candidate

"I just want to take a moment and recognize CMA Exam Academy for the fantastic job they do. The way they structure the 16-week per part study plan is exactly what every CMA candidate needs and allows saving a lot of time of what it would take to study without this tool. The program is interactive, practical, clear, and the coaches are awesome and extremely responsive. I passed my CMA exam part 1 at my first attempt studying for just around 4.5 months and having a full time job. I keep preparing for part 2 with increased motivation and confidence that I will pass it at my first attempt, thanks to CMA Exam Academy."

-Uriel Garcia, CMA Candidate

"Thanks to CMA Exam Academy, I was able to successfully pass both parts of the CMA exam. Before taking the first CMA exam, I hadn't even completed a single official accounting course in my educational transcripts. Before taking the second exam, I had only taken one accounting course. The reason I share that information is because the content is so well covered and explained by CMA Exam Academy that I was able to pass the exams without any formal academic accounting knowledge (I am in an accounting program now at a post-secondary institution). I am very grateful to CMA Exam Academy for their help in my preparation to write the CMA exams!"

-Marko Osobik, CMA

"I passed both exams on the first try and in less than a year while working at the same time. The material and the ease with which they teach all subjects is perfect!"

-Andres Sayan, CMA

"Becoming a CMA was a step in the right direction for me as I changed careers. I graduated with an accounting degree years ago but found that the CPA exam did not align with my career goals. When revisiting my accounting background later in life, I researched programs for the CMA exam and certification. CMA Exam Academy was well-structured, well-known, and offered a guarantee that made it an easy sell to my company for reimbursement. The program included text, lectures, practice exams, flashcards, a support community and more. It was a great investment in myself. I have recently passed the first exam on my first try and am scheduled to take the next one soon. Thank you to Nathan and the whole team at CMA Exam Academy for helping me make the choice to further my career with this certification!"

-Kate Twarowski, CMA Candidate

"I really enjoyed the CMA Exam Academy while preparing for Part 1. The CMA Exam Academy team was very helpful in helping me reach my goal."

-Mitchell McCarty, CMA

"I have been working at the same accounting job for a few years now. As my daughter left for college, I wanted to start focusing on upgrading my own knowledge & skills to be able to grow in my career. Going back to accounting books after such a long gap was hard but CMA Exam Academy's study tools really helped me every step of the way in my preparation. Nathan and his entire team at CMA Exam Academy are very supportive. Help is only an email away, whenever one gets stuck on any question. I am so glad I was able to pass the CMA Part 1 exam in my 1st attempt. I highly recommend CMA Exam Academy's program for anybody who wants to develop a strong understanding of concepts, stay on track with the preparation, and complete their journey to achieving the CMA designation in the shortest time possible.

-Anita Kothari, CMA Candidate

"The CMA Exam Academy provides on top of good books, test bank, and video lectures a personalized service that focuses on helping you to pass the exams on your first attempt. Give it a try knowing that they will do their part, so you can focus on do yours."

-Enrique Polonia Gutierrez, CMA

"I am glad to have passed the exam at my first attempt, it was a mix of devotion, good support, and a positive mindset.

Thank you to the CMA Exam Academy team"

-Hugo Charles, CMA Candidate

"I had an amazing experience studying for my Part 2 exam. You and your team made my studying super easy. I love how this program has broken a huge syllabus into small, digestible parts. I can't thank you and the other team members (Bhadresh and Cassie) enough for helping me throughout my journey. I passed Part 2 in my first attempt following the program and am super excited to start studying for Part 1."

-Pooja Patel, CMA Candidate

"Thank you so much to CMA Exam Academy that helped me clear the CMA Exam Part 1 in my first attempt! Kudos to Nathan and the whole team!"

-Aprille Rose Dionisio, CMA Candidate

"Initially I wasn't very sure about this program as a lot of material/concepts to learn and it was pretty daunting to look at the 100's of MCQs in the test bank. But like Nathan says trust the program and just follow the path that's already proven and tested, and I did the same.... and passed both the exams in the first attempt. It's simple but not easy and the key is to be consistent.
All praise to God and then to CMA Exam Academy!!"

-Hamad Khan, CMA

"I think I was not able to pass without CMA Exam Academy materials for my first sittings. I'm not good at speaking English so I just bought only your books and test bank, but they were efficient for me. I was also encouraged by your blog and YouTube channel. Thank you."

-Takashi Sakamoto, CMA

"I never thought that I would clear the exam in my first attempt. I'm a working professional and was hard for me to find time to prepare and keep a track of how much I travelled in the course. CMA Exam Academy took over the task of keeping a watch on my milestones to complete the education right on time and keep me ready for the exam. I was able to pass both parts on my first attempt and the entire credit for this I would undoubtedly give to Nathan and the support team. CMA Exam Academy is definitely a go-to resource for the CMA aspirants."

-Pramod Jampala, CMA

"You can't go wrong with CMA Exam Academy. Everything you need to know for the exam is presented in an attractive and easy-to-use format. I recommend CMA Exam Academy without reservation." -After passing Part One

"With hard work and the CMA Exam Academy in your corner passing the exams seems inevitable." -After passing Part Two

-Brian Bennett, CMA

"I was able to pass both parts of the CMA exam on the first try. The CMA Exam Academy team were all very responsive to my emails and exam questions. I would highly recommend CMA Exam Academy to anyone looking for a study course."

-Cassie Schreiner, CMA

"I'm really glad that I joined the CMA Exam Academy Program to prepare for the exams to earn my CMA Certification designation. First, your excellent program model and your online tools shaped the way for my daily study plan. Second, your valuable practice exam bank questions along with the easy access to all of the study materials either through your mobile application or through your website helped me to pass the CMA Exam Part One on my first attempt. Furthermore, your exceptional team encouragements and support were vital to my success and I'm very appreciative for that. finally, I would recommend the CMA Exam Academy Program to anyone who wants to earn the CMA Certification designation in less than nine months.

Keep up the great work!"

-Rabah Arib, CMA Candidate

"I started studying with CMA Exam Academy in the Fall of 2022 and recently passed Part 1 on my first attempt with a score of 400. The 16-week study plan worked great for me and the teaching techniques are effective. CMA Exam Academy also provides a very robust MCQ bank which is the best way to prepare for the actual exam."

-Keith Peterson, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy has helped me pass both parts of the CMA exam in 1 attempt. Their program is very suitable for busy professionals like me who barely have time to spare. I'm really grateful for this Team's efforts in creating this program and I hope you guys will continue to succeed in helping people like me pass. Learning was fun. The entire CMA topics were difficult for me but they made it doable, I have never felt this fulfilled in my whole accounting career. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!"

-Christian Dilao, CMA

"I previously took one of the exam parts with a different review program and was unsuccessful in passing. Part of the issue was my own doing... I had poor study habits. I learned I needed something more guided and structured to keep me on track, so I chose CMA Exam Academy. I just passed Part II and am looking forward to using this program for Part I! If you want something that will lay out what you need to study week by week and keep you motivated, I highly recommend this program."

-John Theofel, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy was an integral part of my success on Part 1 of the CMA Exam. Nothing on the exam surprised me, thanks to the extensive preparation that the Academy provided. The key to progress is practice, and the Academy helped me to do just that. If you want to pass your CMA exam, look no further than the Academy!" -after passing Part One

"CMA Exam Academy is amazing! They helped me to pass both exams in less than a year. If you work through their material and practice with their test bank, I have no doubt that you'll be successful. It all comes down to practice, practice, practice! I was not caught off guard with either exam, since the Academy had prepared me so well. I especially love their test bank that provides exam simulations for each part of the CMA Exam. Thank you, Nathan, and the rest of the CMA Exam Academy team, for your support through this journey!" -after passing Part Two

-Juanne Van Der Linde, CMA

"I highly recommend CMA Exam Academy to whoever wants to start the CMA journey. The whole team is so responsible and the study materials are structured and teams will follow up and get feedback to me when I need help and encourage me when I’m lost. I am so glad to choose CMA Exam Academy so my learning journey is smooth enough to cope with the busy life. Thank you guys!"

-Jing Feng, CMA Candidate

"I really enjoyed the personal approach taken by CMA Exam Academy. They did a tremendous job of helping me stay organized in my exam prep amidst the hectic schedule I have and provided material that prepared me really well!"

-Hari Akella, CMA Candidate

"You were such a huge help to me and my studies. I know I wouldn't have made it this far without your help. Thank you so much for everything. I'm happy I found the CMA Academy when I did."

-Genessa Bivins, CMA

"My CMA exam success in under one year would not have been possible without Nathan + CMA Exam Academy team! I highly recommend the program to all considering the exam. The structure, study materials and test bank were key components to my success. Thank you CMA Exam Academy!"

-Carly Chopp, CMA

"I tried to study by myself before, but it was impossible to stay on track with such a large material to cover. CMA Exam Academy’s method with step by step lecture & taking test made it possible to learn on schedule & pass the exam"

-Keiko Tsukada, CMA Candidate

"A big thank you to the CMA Exam Academy team in helping me pass my part 2 in my first attempt. I wasn't sure if I would be able to proceed with this course as I resumed studies after over 10 years however Nathan and the team were always very supportive throughout the process and the study material was very easy to understand and the team was always quick to respond to my queries. Looking forward to Part 1 and acquiring my CMA qualification. Thanks again once Nathan and Team" -after passing Part One

"Thank you CMA Exam Academy for the support! I was able to clear both the parts in my first attempt." -after passing Part Two

- Monica Dsilva, CMA

"As a newly graduated MBA student, I was looking for a more direct focus on managerial accounting through the CMA certification. I am a firm believer in the saying that time is money. In an effort to get this certification as quickly as possible, I chose a program that is supported by a team that backs its success with high passing % data and a money-back guarantee. Getting a 400 score on my first attempt for Part 1 has confirmed my trust in this team, and I am excited to journey with them as I look to attempt Part 2." - After passing Part One

"Coming from someone who normally is very disciplined, I found myself grateful for having a very personable team to provide the accountability I needed after the loss of a family member. After taking a short period of time away from the program, I managed to get back on track and pass Part II of the program within the expected window while scoring a 440/500. Despite not writing up a review immediately, I dug up the email containing the survey because of how much I appreciate this team on both a professional and personal level." - After passing Part Two

-Sebastian Koehler, CMA

"CMA is a challenging exam. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete it, especially for those who work full-time. The journey of studying and passing the exam was arduous, and there were always moments when I wanted to give up. I did pause my study in some points. However, the study program from CMA Academy always helps me to get back to where I left off and pick up the knowledge quickly. Most importantly, the program is helpful for my learning style. I went through all of the video lectures first and took notes of critical points in each topic, and I usually started with a short and easy matter first. Then, I returned to the textbook and summarised the content for each critical note. After that, I began to practice MCQ and watched Drills to find out if my way of answering the questions was better. Finally, I kept practicing the MCQ and Essays. I ensure I have at least 3-4 weeks for my revision for the exam. I want to express my special thanks to Nathan and his team for helping to pass my CMA exam part 1 on the first try. As a result, I got my graduate accounting job in the top 100 accounting firms in Australia."

- Jamie Nguyen, CMA Candidate

"I would like to say THANK YOU to Nathan and the entire Academy's team for helping me to pass the CMA Part 2 Exam. In my view, the coaching techniques used are extremely effective. I am sure I would not have passed in a timely manner without the Academy's help." - After passing Part Two

"CMA Exam Academy is exactly what you need to pass the CMA exams on your first try. No other courses currently available are so effective. Proud to have studied with you. One of the best investments - maybe the best - of time and money I have done in my life. Well done CMA Exam Academy!" - After passing Part One

-Angelo Laselva, CMA

"Good material and good guidance if you want to pass the CMA exam."

-Pablo Sanchis, CMA

"Excellent program to help you stay engaged and pass your CMA exams. Everything from the lectures to the practice exams gave me the motivation and confidence to pass the CMA exam."

-David Merchant, CMA Candidate

"I can’t say enough about the Academy. You made it easy to study at my own pace without the boring classroom! You guys are awesome!"

-Samuel Flores, CMA

"I’m so thankful I chose CMA Exam Academy to help me achieve my goal! I received my CMA certification in under a year! It would not have happened without this program and the personalized support from Nathan and his team. I highly recommend. Thank you!" - After passing Part Two

I am very thankful that I chose CMA Exam Academy to help me achieve my professional goals! Their team provides excellent support, keeps you on task, and makes the whole experience very personal and friendly." - After passing Part One

-Amber Grove, CMA

"Still cannot believe I am a CMA. I'm overjoyed and cannot thank Nathan and his entire crew in CMA Exam Academy for this success. They helped me sail through my CMA journey on my first attempt. Their study material was nice and simple to understand and comprehend. 1000's of questions and the mock test, really helped in making sure that the concept was understood clearly. CMA Exam Academy and Nathan and his crew are a blessing for students like us who have taken up studies after a really long break. Wishing them all the success for their future." - After passing Part-Two

To go back to studying after a gap of more than 10 years requires study material which is easy to understand and someone who can answer queries when you have doubt is the most important aspect when one searches for a content provider.
 I did happen to read some other best known service providers first way back in 2016, however, it was a self study as I had got the books from one of my colleagues. But after ready around 2 topics I quit. As it was way beyond my understanding. I wanted someone to make the content simple and understandable, easy to relate to. I could have easily found a content provider in my home country India, but still I chose Nathan's Academy as I could easily understand the videos which he posted on YouTube. Hence, gave my shot & here I am. Gave Part 2 exam in Jan 2022, passed in Mar 2022. That speaks volumes and doesn't need any more introduction to Nathan's CMA Exam Academy. Hence, I would definitely recommend everyone to go blindly with Nathan's Academy without any hesitation. Lastly, only a person & team who are so confident and strong with their material can claim to give you 100% refund if you fail. [sorry to disappoint you all, you will not get any refund 🙂 ]" - After passing Part-One

-Jay Chowdhury, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy helped me considerably in passing Part 1 of the CMA Exam on my first try. Everything from the lessons, whiteboard drills, and test bank were instrumental in my success. I look forward to using it to study for Part 2!."

-Justin Yarbrough, CMA Candidate

"I can’t believe I can pass both exams within a year, while working full time and living by myself in the US. (I came from China). And I am not an accounting or business major at all. Lol, thanks to CMA Exam Academy well designed online review materials, friendly and thoughtful staff coaching, useful tools, etc, I can easily pass exams and now become officially a Certified Management Accountant."

-Yan Huang, CMA

"I graduated from school over 15 years ago. When the other students were moving on to the CPA exams I chose not to. I don’t take tests well… Never have and never will. So this whole endeavor was not only a challenge academically and professionally but emotionally and psychologically too because of the test-taking aspect. Honestly, that was the hardest hurdle for me to overcome in this endeavor. But I did it with the help of CMA Exam Academy! I truly believe that I would have failed and quit if it were not for Nathan, his team’s support and the study materials and tools Nathan has created! They were there with me every step of the way. Thanks again CMA Exam Academy, I couldn’t have done it without you." - After Passing Part-Two

"Passing Part 1 of the CMA exam was the hardest endeavor I have embarked upon in years! I couldn’t have done it without Nathan and his Team. The curriculum is very challenging but CMA Exam Academy has such a comprehensive program that no matter your learning style, you will be able to absorb the information. I recommended to the IMA that Nathan’s CMA Exam Academy should be an alternative to passing the standardized test in order to acquire the CMA license because it really teaches the concepts needed on the job. Thank you Nathan and Team!" - After passing Part-One

-Monica Rosen, CMA

"In March 2020, I decided to pursue my CMA certification and purchased a self-study program. In September 2021, I was still trying to figure it out on my own, while dealing with the responsibilities of work and family life. That’s when I came across the CMA Coach podcasts and the CMA Exam Academy, and decided to join the program. In just nine months, Nathan helped me pass both parts of the exam on the first try. Circa August 2022, I have reached my goal of becoming a CMA.
Thank you, Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team!" -
After passing Part-Two

"It had been over a year that I had decided to pursue my CMA certification, having purchased a self-study program, when I came across the CMA Exam Academy. I decided to join and Nathan helped me pass the first part of the CMA exam in just four months. I am now studying for Part 2 and feel confident about doing just as well when I sit for the exam, thanks to Nathan’s program." - After passing Part-One

-Farah Mathres, CMA

"The CMA Exam Academy helped me to prepare well and understand the concepts. The program helped me to pass my CMA part 1. Diligently follow what Nathan and team have suggested and you will get through the exam."

-Augustine Samuel, CMA Candidate

"I highly recommend CMA Exam Academy to pass CMA great support and quality of the study material."

-Javier Aguilar, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy is a great partner to have in the CMA journey. I found the guidance, the suitable program, and the motivation needed to maintain (390 / 500) from the first attempt. I can't thank Nathan and his team enough."

-Heba Bashiti, CMA Candidate

"Nathan, you have built a fantastic study program! Many thanks to you and your team for helping me achieve this goal! I would highly recommend that anyone studying for the CMA use your program over any other!"

-Mayte Gallardo, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is the best learning partner for students like me! Through the weekly agenda and practice exams, I was able to manage my time well when preparing for the CMA exam. I am also very grateful to the whole CMA Exam Academy Team who were very hands-on in giving their support and assistance. The program is the only learning platform I used and I was able to pass both parts on my first try!"

-Jamila Domingo, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is the best! The Academy’s well-structured 16-week plan kept me focused and right on track. I was able to clear both my parts at the first attempt with a good score only with the Academy’s support!"

-Abinaya Nandakumar, CMA

"Nathan & team helped me in passing both parts in less than one year, which I believed was close to impossible due to workload. I’m glad I chose the CMA Exam Academy"

-Alejandro Solá, CMA

"Passed both exams on the first try within one year. The program from the Cma Exam Academy really prepared me for the exams and kept me motivated throughout the process." - After passing Part Two

"The material being structured by weeks meant that starting was not so overwhelming and I just took it one week at a time and in the end felt sufficiently prepared for the exam." - After passing Part One

-Tim Frese, CMA

"CMA exam is a huge time commitment. However, with the structured methodology by the CMA Exam Academy, I not only passed the exams, but managed to find time to continue for a half marathon and hit my PB! I was going through the audio materials while training, which allowed me to make the best use of my time. I then further cemented it with the video lectures + textbook + test bank."

-Algirdas Purkenas, CMA

"Dear Aspiring CMA, if you have come to CMA Exam Academy website and read this testimonial, do not go further to any other website and enroll for the full program. Like me, there are 1000's who have benefited from this program which is wonderfully designed to help us clear the exams, the depth of topics covered, explanation in textbooks, formula guide, and videos helped me prepare for the exam with the confidence of getting to know the foundational elements which isn't necessary for passing exam but also getting ready for the professional challenges being a CMA. I am so glad I chose this academy over 2 others places which I joined for a short time and wasn't satisfied (luckily got my money back as well). 

-Nikhil Deshpande, CMA

"The CMA Exam Academy is perfect for students or professionals because it gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace while giving you enough materials you need to pass the CMA Exam."

After passing Part-Two

"CMA Exam Academy helped me pass on my first try thanks to their amazing videos and test bank. What worked for me is simply practicing with the test bank until I got the confidence in all of the topics I need to understand to pass the test."

After passing Part-One

-Von Ryan Salosagcol, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is an excellent program in helping you get through all the CMA content in a systematic way. It is easy to follow and will certainly help you understand and refresh the knowledge to pass the CMA exam."

-Paulo Santos, CMA

"I used Nathan's CMA Exam Academy program and passed both parts of the exam on the first try. The structure of the program offers something for every type of learner. A huge time commitment is not necessary with the concise and organized way the program is set up, so it is great for individuals with all different schedules and needs. The team is supportive and knowledgeable and their constant presence was encouraging. I felt very confident going into each exam knowing I would pass because I used The CMA Exam Academy's study program. Thank you to Nathan and the team for helping me achieve my CMA!"

-Emily Denny, CMA

"I want to say THANK YOU to Nathan and the team! Just by following their weekly study plan and asking questions when I need help, I passed both exams at my first attempt and got my CMA certification within a year! The part I love the most about this program is it’s interactive in many ways! Besides the study materials, the program has live coaching sessions and quick responses for any questions you may have. Definitely recommend CMA EXAM ACADEMY to anyone who is looking for a great CMA coaching program!!"

-Helen Yu, CMA

"Nathan, I can't thank you enough for this brilliant program! I passed both parts in the same year. I strongly recommend this well structured and flexible program to anyone wanting to become a CMA!"

After passing Part-One

"If you look to take on the CMA exam, then look no further and trust Nathan the CMA Exam Academy! I enrolled in the program in April 2021 and I passed Part 2 on my first attempt. Looking forward to take on Part 1 this year and I know for sure that I'll crush it too!"

After passing Part-Two

-Rudy Abi Dib, CMA

"I made a carrier pivot from 14 years as a pastor to working in non-profit and government accounting. I had bachelors in finance from many years back, but needed a way to refresh my accounting credentials. The CMA Academy helped me refresh my professional skillset and pass both parts of the CMA on the first try. The program was the right tool to help me make this transition and delivered on all its promises."

-Fred Kirstein, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is a great tool to help pass the CMA exam. It has structured weekly lessons and live support available for any questions as well as periodic Q&A sessions and tips on how to pass the exam."

-Jelena Levina, CMA Candidate

"Nathan and the team at CMA Exam Academy are all in on your exam success. The support and positivity are highly encouraging and definitely contributed helping me to earn my CMA."

-Frank Ferrone, CMA

"The whole program is very useful and well-structured. It helps to arrange the study schedule and the coach team is always ready to help. The IMA has verified my educational transcript and work experience and I am waiting for my CMA certificate. Thank you CMA Exam Academy."

-Yonghua Lin, CMA

"I used the CMA Exam Academy to pass Part 1 and Part 2 of the Exam on my first attempt. The program is inclusive of all the material you need to know for the exam. The test bank is an invaluable resource to mastering the material." - After passing Part Two

The CMA Exam Academy prepared me thoroughly for the first exam. I found the test bank was the key to my success. I spent countless hours practicing exam questions and answering them quickly." - After passing Part One

-Tom Kreamer, CMA

"Nathan and his team helped me to pass Part 1 on my first try! The video lectures and study plan were vital in my studies." -After passing Part One

"Nathan and the team were dedicated to my success." -After passing Part Two

-ThoSang Thang, CMA

"Earning designation was my dream and CMA Exam Academy definitely helped me to work towards my dream. Nathan and the team are AMAZING and their help and reading materials really helped me. I am halfway through now and looking forward to Part 2 study"

-Sushma Acharya, CMA Candidate

"I found CMA Exam Academy to be exactly what I needed as a busy accounting professional and competing equestrian. The lectures are extremely efficient to get down to exactly what you need to know and I love the flexibility of the program around my lifestyle. I was able to pass part #1 on the first try thanks to CMA Exam Academy and am currently working on part #2! Thank you Nathan and your team for making such a great tool available!"

- Cami Benway, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy helped me pass both parts of the CMA exam on the first attempt! The program is well structured and keeps you accountable with regular check-ins. The plethora of practice problems allowed me to practice areas of the exam that I wanted to focus on as well."

-Antony Hutchins, CMA

"This program hands out 99% of the materials you need for the exam, serves them on the plate. It is crucial, though, you should put your own effort into digesting them because they don't chew it for you. Good luck!"

- Jude Park, CMA Candidate

"I used CMA Exam Academy to pass the CMA exam. They have everything you need to pass the test in their material and give you a well structured plan. I recommend CMA Exam Academy."

-Vlade Nacovski, CMA

"Last but not least and I cannot let this go, the personal message from Nathan after you complete each unit
“Congratulations you are one step closer to becoming a CMA” was a real boost."

- Maaz Ghansar, CMA

"I have always been known for being a terrible test taker. In undergraduate and my masters program, I would struggle on having exam success. Taking the CMA has been an exam that hasn’t felt overwhelming thanks to Nathan and the CMA Academy team. The program flat out works! It is challenging but not impossible. The lesson are broken down into bite size pieces, so that you can go as you are able. The team that Nathan has put together is top notch. I cannot emphasize this enough. They are incredibly helpful and quick to respond to questions and or frustrations. At one point I was struggling with the program and wasn’t sure how to continue. I reached out to the team and Steve Christos responded within a day to provide me some much needed advice and empathy to keep going. Thank you Nathan and the entire team at CMA Exam Academy!"

- Daniel Dunn, CMA Candidate

"CMA Exam Academy’s easy to follow structure has helped me pass part 1 exam in one take. Nathan and the team are incomparable, they are warm, encouraging and very responsive. They helped me stay on schedule despite having a full-time work."

- Lenny Nagera, CMA Candidate

"With English not being my mother tongue, and being 43 years old, I was worried if I could pass on my first attempt. It required effort and dedication, but the weekly calls, the fast answers to my doubts and the personalized support to gain confidence the last days before the exam where key to my 390 score in Part 1. Moreover, having also bought another CMA course, I have no doubt that CMA Exam Academy is the best option, and I will recommend it to my friends if they decide to pursue the certification."

- David Nieto, CMA Candidate

"If you are serious about getting your CMA certification it is a no brainer to go with CMA Exam Academy. Nathan and team go above and beyond to provide all the text, tools, test questions, personal calls, and more in order to guarantee your success."

- Tyler Palmer, CMA

"Nathan and his Team helped me pass the CMA Exam Part 1 on the first attempt. The videos, the training material and the test bank were very helpful to me. If you have an extensive accounting background, or if you are new to accounting principles just like me, CMA Academy has the perfect program to help you pass the CMA exam on your first attempt. Thank you Nathan for your coaching!"

- Carlos Faria, CMA

"I wish that a program like CMA Exam Academy had existed when I attempted my first tests in 2019. Passing section one with a 400 feels like an accomplishment that was facilitated by the curriculum lined out by the CMA Exam Academy team and delivered in a really user-friendly and intuitive way."

- Ashley Morris, CMA

"Thanks a lot, CMA Exam Academy and the teams for simplifying the preparation of CMA exams. It covers around 95% of questions asked in the exams. It was difficult for me to stop once started. I prepared part 1 and part 2 with about 1 month of study for each group almost everything from CMA Exam Academy materials."

- Himalaya Budhathoki, CMA

"I am very happy with CMA Exam Academy. The team is supportive and attentive to all our questions. The test bank is super helpful and I enjoyed the way the whole program is structured. I was able to pass Part 1 on the first attempt and I’ll be starting Part 2 very soon with the Academy. I feel super confident after studying with the Academy. Thank you so much CMA Exam Academy Team ❤️"

- Vinti Arun Shahani, CMA Candidate

"I picked CMA Exam Academy because I watched Nathan’s YouTube and got positive message there. It is listed on IMA as well. Also, the Academy has its excellent mission and vision for helping candidates like me. I passed the part 1 exam with 430 and the part 2 exam with 400. I followed Nathan’s study plan, studied very hard and smart and prepared very well. The whole program and exam tips videos are very helpful. Trust the Academy and if can do it, you can as well."

- Angela Zhang, CMA Candidate

"Thank you CMA Exam Academy for helping me pass both parts of the exam on my first attempt. The whole program is very useful and well-structured. Great program. Thank you for not only preparing me for the exam but making me a better accountant."

- Matthew Moffett, CMA

"The Academy does a great job providing a highly structured recipe for success!"

- Nathaniel Royer, CMA

"I was able to pass both parts of the CMA exam using this program. As a working parent, I was intimidated by taking the exam because of the fear of not having enough time to study. Fortunately, I felt like this program was well designed to meet my needs." - After passing Part Two

"The biggest difference between this program and other ones is the support you get from the team. There will always be a subject you will get stuck on. I never felt alone, and many of my questions were answered. Thanks to Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy, I was able to pass Part 1 on my first try!" -After passing Part One

- Umberto Muniz, CMA

"It was a great experience studying with the Academy! I was able to pass both parts in one attempt. Huge thanks to the Academy!"

- Jenna Rigon, CMA

"The CMA Exam Academy was instrumental in my success of becoming a CMA! They provided a weekly structure of exam content in weekly video lectures of the IMA learning objectives as well as motivation to stay on track. Their support team will answer any questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend the CMA Academy to anyone that wants to earn the CMA certificate. "

- Michael Kostrewa, CMA

"I was once hopeless that CMA is just a dream. Until God has sent me Nathan to rescue and lead me to the path of success to become a CMA. The program is very effective as you can manage time to study while working full time stressful job. The accountability and support made me feel that I'm not alone in this journey. I can't thank you enough and the team for everything.."

- Remedios Reyes, CMA

"To everyone aspiring to be a CMA. If you enroll into CMA Exam Academy, with regular lectures, on time assignment submissions and tonnes of exam simulation practice you will definitely pass it on your first attempt. CMA Exam Academy is a complete package"

- Ankita Chandelkar, CMA Candidate

"It was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life . I passed both the parts only because of superb support from the Academy team. The program was well structured for a person like me working under busy schedule. Thank you Mr. Nathan and team for your great support."

After passing Part-Two

"Pass or 100% refund" assurance found in "The CMA Academy" website attracted me and I decided to do the course with you. Now after passing my part 2 exam I can proudly say that it was one of the perfect decisions I have made in my life. The systematic approach, individual attention and thorough follow-up from the Academy is incredible. Your highly professional guidance made me successful today. I would like to thank Mr.Nathan and the entire team for guiding and supporting me in this journey. Now I am pursuing Part 1. Thank you all once again for bringing me back to the "study mode" at this age of 41."

After passing Part-One

- Udayakumar Ravindran, CMA

"When I decided to study for the CMA certification, I looked at several coaching programs and was particularly attracted by the CMA Exam Academy and their vision. I wanted a well-structured program, with extensive material and content, and where I could get the support of the coaches and other candidates. I figured out that CMA Exam Academy would be the best option for me and I was not wrong. Part 2 exam was tough and challenging but I passed on the first attempt with a score of 400 !"

- Imane Alaoui Mhamdi, CMA Candidate

"After not passing on my own I was afraid to fail again if I retook the exam, but Nathan and the team came for the rescue. Alhamdullah I passed part one and part two will be soon inshallah"

- Ameer Tabannaj, CMA Candidate

"I am really glad that I chose CMA Exam Academy as my course provider because the material provided by them not only helped me pass both the exams on my first try in less than 8 months but also because the team was really helpful and knowledgeable of the content. The books provided, the recorded lectures and the exam simulations really helped me gain the knowledge I needed to pass CMA test 1 and test 2 with scores 400 in each and also helped me understand how the financial industry works. I never regretted choosing CMA Exam Academy as my course provider and would choose them again to do other certifications if these were being taught by the CMA Exam Academy team."

- Mohamed Bakhsh, CMA

"Nathan and the entire CMA Exam Academy have configured a program to work with any schedule, regardless of business. During my program, I took part in a Big 4 internship, summer classes, began a full fall semester schedule, worked in student government, and held leadership positions in numerous clubs. Even with having a full schedule of commitments, the way Nathan has designed this course allowed me to complete the lessons, learn the material, and pass Part 1 on my first attempt. I can't thank Nathan and the entire team enough for helping me get one step closer to becoming a CMA!"

- Corey Huber, CMA Candidate

"The CMA Exam Academy program works. It takes you through the entire CMA syllabus to fully prepare you for the exams. I highly recommend it to anyone studying for the CMA certification exams."

- Mweete Patrick Kasimba, CMA Candidate

"I found the materials and the recommended pace of study to be exactly what I needed to manage the volume of information, and successfully pass both sections on the first try. I scored a 440 and 430 for parts 1 and 2, respectively. I never would have gotten through the material, let alone passed, without the CMA Exam Academy."

- Tiffany Cozzolino, CMA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your continuous support through out the program. It has been a great time and I have learned a lot. And it is thanks to you and your team that I can now call myself a CMA."

- Victor Jönsson, CMA

"The course is well structured, no guessing, you will know what to be working on and when. There is a great support staff to answer your questions that are on their game. The whiteboard drills really help guide your thought process and steps to analyze problems." - After passing Part Two

"The structure made me feel more confident and took the guess off work out of what I should be studying. I would recommend listening to all the tips Nathan/team provides because I followed some late in the program and could’ve saved some stress/time. This program kept me on pace to know the material but also practice being a better test taker. I’ve never done well on standardized tests before and there were test mistakes I always made that I was able to correct. I passed part one on my first attempt, moving to part two.
" - After passing Part One

- Emilio Santana, CMA

"After studying several times with other companies to pass the CPA exam without success, I was surprised that I was able to pass Part 1 of the CMA on the first try! I loved that we had assignments to keep me on track. Also the personal messages from Nathan and the weekly check-ins made this program much more engaging. I definitely felt like the whole team was routing for my success! "

- Melissa Leavitt, CMA Candidate

"The best part was Nathan's lectures, the joy in his voice kept me determined to study and the well structured program was designed with a view to keep track on individual progress and that is the reason for my success today."

- Arya Gharlute, CMA Candidate

"Working in the day and studying at night was not easy but because of how CMA Exam Academy structured their program I passed both part 1 and part 2. Thank you so much Nathan for helping me to be a CMA."

- Reo Maturan, CMA

"As a veteran with a STEM major, I knew I needed to join an immersive program to learn efficiently and effectively. The CMA Exam Academy did just that and provided me the flexibility to complete both exams on the first try while working full time. "

- Sean Price, CMA

"I have cleared part 2 of CMA exam using the CMA Exam Academy program. Overall, I am happy with the program. Entire program is well structured with prompt support from the Academy. Video lectures along with textbook provides a good base to understand the topic, which can be further strengthened by solving of MCQ. I would like to say Thank you to Nathan and his team."

- Praafull Bakshi, CMA Candidate

"Great review course if you have zero to little accounting background. Nathan's textbooks explain all the concepts concisely and I was ready to apply the concepts through MCQ and Essays quickly and accurately." - After passing Part Two

"As a CMA candidate with little accounting background, the CMA Exam Academy was the perfect fit! Nathan provided a detailed textbook and well put together video lectures. Thanks to Nathan, I passed my CMA Exam Part 1 on my FIRST try!" - After passing Part One

- Hope Harrel, CMA

"The program is more than enough. I love the division of topics and how Nathan explains accounting concepts. Maximize the use of the program's test bank and answer many questions as you can. My tip is to take it easy because outcome is beyond our control. Good luck future CMAs!"

- Mark Joseph Pamulaklakin, CMA Candidate

"I can’t recommend CMA Exam Academy enough. Nathan and the team do an amazing job at helping you break down a big goal (passing the CMA Exam) into manageable, practical steps. All the hours of hard work and study paid off. Not only did I pass, but I scored a 450/500 on CMA Part 1. I couldn’t have done it without Nathan and the team!"

- Martin Yorio, CMA Candidate

"Before one year, I started to study for CMA part 1 with one of the review courses, I was studying for more than 6 hours daily because the review course that I use was only materials without any individual plan and assistance, I set for the exam and Failed even that I was studying for long hours! After that, I decided to enroll in the CMA Exam Academy with Nathan it was the best decision because it shortage the study hours with the perfect plan, also the test bank was amazing and help me a lot on the real exam! Eventually, with Nathan, I pass the exam with an amazing score! I highly recommend this course! You will be happy with how much study/Life balance this course will give you. and don’t forget (pass or refund)."

- Abdulaziz Almojil, CMA Candidate

"Thank you so much for helping me throughout Part 1. Truly appreciate the work you put in. Following the program gave me a clear study plan and an easier pace to follow, and with that I am grateful and I passed Part 1. Now on to Part 2 😊.

Again, a warm and heartfelt thank you."

- Cherry Rose Tan Pian, CMA Candidate

"The CMA Exam Academy is like no other professional study program I've participated in. The organization, support by Nathan and his team, and the community that is available for you to connect with creates a wonderful, encouraging culture where you are all equal and there to accomplish the same goal regardless of where you are on the globe. I'm highly visual so Nathan's videos and whiteboard drills of the material on the exam were a definite selling point and I feel when it came down to complex topics, he used straight-forward language to convey these topics. Thank you Nathan and team."

- Ryan Ulch, CMA

The CMA Exam Academy was instrumental in me passing the Part 1 exam. I had tried self-study for 2 years prior to joining the Academy and never made it very far. I'm very pleased with the tools and support the Academy provides, and am more confident than ever that Part 2 will result in success as well.

- Jason Frazer, CMA Candidate

"The CMA Exam Academy bar none is the most attentive, flexible, and catered toward an individual's learning pattern than any other review course that I have taken for any of my other certifications. A student is provided video lectures and a comprehensive textbook which provide the tools for success if they chose to only read the textbook or only watch the video lectures. There are weekly check-ins that occur and calls that are available to get any questions answered promptly. I studied and took my exam in the Covid-19 environment and welcomed my first child into the world while preparing for the test. If I were taking a more ridged conventional review program it would have been more difficult to be prepared on exam day. This program provides the built-in flexibility to adjust to how you learn along with how the world interacts with you. "

-  John Beatty, CPA, CIA, CISA, MBA & CMA Candidate

"I am a mother with 2 children. I was worried that I would not have enough time for studying. Everything changed when I came up with the program by Nathan and his team. I followed the program closely, I did the assignments one by one, and whenever I needed help Nathan and his team were just there for me. The thing I like most about the program is that it is very flexible. For a working mother like me this is very helpful. I passed Part 1 with a score of 380 and now preparing for Part 2 with continuous support from Nathan and his team. Thank you very much!!!"

- Phuc Nguyen, CMA Candidate

"I appreciate a lot the work you guys are doing in putting together the program and being there always to provide support and answer questions! Thanks a lot!!! I was so happy when I received my exam result!"

-  Maria Stepanova, CMA Candidate

"It all started like I wasn’t gonna scale through but yayyyy! I made it on my first attempt. Thanks to Nathan and his incredible team 💯💯"

- Ruth Danimoh, CMA

"I like the fact the program is structured and there are topics scheduled on a weekly basis. It was easy for me to go on topics and gives me time to focus individually. Their program really works for me especially because I am working a full-time job. Nathan and his team would always be there to assist me with questions. They also offer weekly coaching call that gives tips and advice on how to manage the review and exam day. Thank you and see you again next year."

-  Jane Guadalupe, CMA Candidate

"In less than 6 months, Nathan & the CMA Exam Academy helped me achieve my goal of becoming a CMA! Your support team is incredible, and I loved being held accountable for reporting back status updates as I neared my exam. I will be forever grateful for the new doors this opportunity will open for me."

- Nick Buscemi, CMA

"Exhaustive study material, step by step guidance, close follow up by the CMA Exam Academy is awesome. It helped me be well prepared to clear the CMA part 1 exam on the first attempt. I was pleasantly surprised not to find questions outside the study material/question bank provided by the Academy for my CMA exam."

-  Arun Nair, CMA Candidate

"Thanks to Nathan and his team, I was able to pass part 1 on my first attempt! I’m currently studying for part 2 with the Academy with a target test date of February 2021. I highly recommend this program. As a working professional and new mother, the 16-week program fit perfectly in my schedule without being overwhelming."

- Amanda Kirby, CMA Candidate

"I really appreciate Nathan and his team has done for me in helping me achieve my CMA goal. Anyone wishing to become a CMA, I do recommend this program."

-  Craig Wilson, CMA

"The CMA Exam Academy’s structure, tools, and recommendations allowed me to pass both exams the first time in seven months from start of study to taking the second exam. I especially liked the program moved through topics, and reviewed previously learned topics each week."

- Robert Semethy, CMA

"Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team are extremely flexible, supportive, and truly care about your success. I am very confident every candidate will be able to pass both parts of the exam the FIRST Attempt using the  Academy's study content! The company responds quickly and is so helpful in making sure you are prepared to succeed. I can't thank the team at CMA Exam Academy enough for their commitment to their students!"

-  Patrick Pellegrino

"Yesss. We finally did it! Thanks a trillion to all of you for all the support. You guys proved your tag line of acing the exam in first attempt. I had several options, even a local coaching academy, but I chose you guys because I saw the commitment of clearing it in one shot. Not enough words to thank you. You all cooperated with me- Nathan, Steve, Anastasia and Nasim. You guys are just awesome. Got my first professional degree and that too a prestigious one. Thanks again. Thanks a lot."

- Syed Qumar Madani, CMA

"Dear Nathan: I recently passed part II of the CMA exam. I am already done with part I also. I want to thank you for the great support and inspiration you provided throughout my journey. You helped me to hold onto this designation and encouraged me to do my best despite my full-time job and the fact that I am a wife with three kids. Your tips were very helpful and the positive attitude you held reflected on me. Thank you very much."

- Rana Itani, CMA

"I just passed Part II of the CMA exam!  It was, by far, the hardest academic undertaking I’ve ever attempted, even harder than my MBA thesis.  It’s HIGHLY unlikely that I would have passed without the assistance and guidance of the CMA Exam Academy Program.  Looking back over my emails, I posed at least 225 questions about the sample MCQs and essays, and all were answered promptly. As I progressed through the program, it was obvious that the staff cared about making sure the material was understood.  Thanks to Nathan and his staff for always responding to any questions and reassuring me along the way."

- Joseph Tarantino, CMA

"I initially chose another popular self-study option and quickly realized I was going to need more support understanding the material even though I have several years of accounting experience. I had seen Nathan’s ad’s and decided to listen to his podcast. I found the podcast very informative and motivating. I purchased both parts and am happy I did. What I like most about the program is the constant positive encouragement and the personal help and investment in my success."

- Regina Ballard, CMA

"I passed Part One in June then proceeded to take part 2 in October. I just got my results and I passed Part Two. Thank you Nathan Liao and your awesome team for helping me through this process. At one point, I thought it would be absolutely impossible for me to complete this exam. However through dedication and covering the correct material 2019 marks the passing of my CMA Exam."

- Shandricka Stephenson, CMA

"I passed my CMA Part 1 exam at first try in less than 3 months. This would not be possible without the help of Nathan and his team at CMA Exam Academy. Honestly, I picked this course because it offered a “money back guarantee” service. Once I started the course, I discovered so many great features. CMA Exam Academy’s test bank with plenty of practice tests for multiple choice and essay sections were the most useful; each question was explained further and had links to additional reading. Overall, great course design and awesome support! Thank you so much, Nathan and CMA Exam Academy Team! I am looking forward to passing my Part 2 exam soon."

- Albeena Rivera, CMA Candidate

"The CMA Exam Academy program, built in accountability, and personal support was a huge reason I was able to successfully pass both exam parts and become a CMA in less than a year. This program will help you stay focused and on track to accomplish your goals, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering becoming a CMA! "

- Kevin Hennessey, CMA

"With Nathan’s comprehensive yet easy to use CMA review course, I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first try in just less than a year. Whenever I had an issue, Nathan and the Academy team promptly provided assistance, and I felt the utmost confidence in my preparation both times I walked into the testing center. Since being awarded my CMA, I have been promoted at work, and will soon be venturing off to a top MBA program. Thank you CMA Exam Academy for helping me on my journey!"

- Charles Taylor, CMA

"I have received an email informing me that I passed part 2 with a score of 390. Thank you so much for all of your support along the way and the program you have created. I really didn’t know if it was going to be possible to pass both parts of the CMA exam in less than a year, but your work has made it possible. I can’t be happier right now, and I am excited for what is to come! Again, thank you so much and I hope you have the best of luck with your next students!"

- Brian Kopona, CMA

"I am really thankful to CMA Exam Academy. I passed my CMA Part-Two exam with a score 390 on the very first attempt. The weekly assignments and mock exams really helped me a lot. The email support was fantastic and I never had any problems asking questions which the team was so enthusiastic to respond. Overall, worth every dollar! Thank You Nathan and all the support staff of CMA Exam Academy."

- Syed Madani, CMA

"With the help of CMA Exam Academy, I was able to pass both exams and earn my CMA in just one year! CMA Exam Academy allows you to make your own schedule and study at your own pace. They provide all the resources you need to pass your exams. I can’t thank Nathan and the team enough."

- Cassie Sweeney, CMA

"passed CMA part 1 exam on my first try with 370/500 as well as part 2 exam with 380/500! The whole course was an enjoyable experience for me. Nathan was there for me in all areas I needed support and guided me to successfully pass the exam. This was an investment not just in knowledge but also in my future."

- Darko Vlajkovic, CMA

"I passed Part Two on first try!  I received a score of 370, I am super pumped. The CMA Exam Academy is the perfect tool to prepare you for these exams. I do not have a degree in Accounting and I passed Part 1 on my second attempt (just missed on first), and passed Part 2 on my first try. There is no way I could have done it without these prep courses and Nathan’s help. His presence and support really made a difference."

- Rob Isaacson, CMA

"I just passed Part II of the CMA exam (Nathan suggested Part II first since it doesn't matter which order you decide to take them).  I have to say, it was probably one of the hardest test I have ever taken and I am elated that I passed.  It would have not been likely had I not signed up for the CMA Exam Academy program.  Between the exam material, the step by step study guide and the video tutorial, I was as ready as I could have been.  Nathan really cared about my progress and my results as we continued to exchange emails throughout.  Thanks Nathan!!!!!"

- Steve Christos, CMA

"I stumbled across Nathan's website during my search for a Certificate that was appropriate for my interest. I messaged him for some guidance and clarity as I was not an Accounting major. He was honest and told me it may be a little more challenging but not impossible for me to pass. I decided to sign up with him because of his quick response but most of all honesty. I panicked at first because I meant to sign up for Part 2 first as opposed to Part 1. I passed Part 1 with a 370 with the dedicated help of Nathan.  No matter how many times I contacted him for clarity on questions he happily  answered and that is why I am happily signing up for Part 2 with himFollow the program step by step, dedicate this time as it would not last forever. I am happy with my pass and so are my family and friends. I know you would be happy as well as your value increases."

- Jenna Evelyn, CMA

I have passed part 1 of the CMA exam on my first try with a score of 360. I have Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy to thank.”

- Paula Koerner, CMA Candidate

“I used Nathan’s CMA coaching website and am pleased to say I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first time. For Part 1 I got 420/500 and for Part 2 I got 440/500. I thank you for all your help. It really helped me a lot in planning and preparing for the exam.”

- Bob Varghese, CMA

"Nathan is able to prepare any hard-working person to pass the CMA exam.  He has brought CMA success within reach of thousands of people around the world.  His coaching techniques are innovative and effective; his personal presence is supportive and reassuring. This unique combination enabled me to score 420 on Part 1 and 440 on Part 2.”

- David Wood, CMA

“I have passed both parts of the CMA in the Sept/Oct 2014 exam window on my first attempt. I followed Nathan's method and cracked the exams. My scores are Part-One 420, and Part-Two 430.”

- Sushma Atthota, CMA

My experience with the Academy was very good. The Academy created a specific study plan which kept me on track. Having the combination of reading assignments, practice tests and videos were helpful to me.”

- Chase Barnabi, CMA Candidate

The CMA Exam Academy was instrumental in passing the CMA exam on my first attempt.  I don't believe I would have passed in a timely manner without it.”

- Ruben Dorado, CMA

"The biggest benefit of joining CMA Exam Academy is definitely the coaching so that I know what to expect when I take the exam."

- Gary Kimminau, CMA Candidate

"I know the only way for me to pass this really complicated exam is if I understand every concept and practice it. CMA Exam Academy provides all that and more."

- Amruta Bakre, CMA Candidate

"I wanted to let you know that I successfully pass part 2 of the CMA exam.  I want to thank you so much for all of the support you gave me during my preparation time for this exam.  I know that with your help I will get the same passing grade for Part 1 as well.  Again thank you so much."

- Demetrius Lattany, CMA

"I want to really thank you, for helping me through the exam preparation in the past few months. It was hard to prep for exam while having a crazy working hour job, but you helped a lot through (1) your carefully designed weekly study plan (2) your spontaneous email response when I have questions (3) your weekly encouraging words and reminder to me to keep on track of study plan. So I was feeling fairly confident walking into exam hall, as I've completed your mock exam assignments scoring above 80%. Thank you, really!"

- David Chen, CMA

"I just wanted to take a moment and write to thank you for your program. I just received my part 1 exam results yesterday and I passed with a score of 430! Your program gave me a great study process and really helped me to learn and understand the content. Thank you so much! On to part 2."

- James Line, CMA Candidate

"Nathan, I wanted to let you know that I passed the CMA Part 1 & 2 exam!  It was extremely challenging, but now I am done! Thank you for putting together your program.  It was very effective!"

- Christopher Garner, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is the best. I passed both the part exam at the very first attempt and managed to score 390 in part 1 and 400 in part 2. Nathan has very well outlined the entire CMA syllabus which helps us to complete all the section studies step by step. They constantly make sure that your progress is right on track. Thank you, Nathan and the entire CMA Exam Academy."

- Vidhi Pshukla, CMA

"I’ve been a CFO in public and private companies and taught finance and accounting as an Adjunct Professor for 14 years but if I’m honest. my test-taking skills are not the greatest. Because of my experience, I easily passed Part 1 of the CMA exam but failed to even get to the essay questions when I took Part 2 the first time. I found Nathan’s CMA Exam Academy course online and purchased it. After three months of study using these course materials and the test bank that was provided, I sat for Part 2 a second time.  Today I was notified that I passed the exam and am now a CMA. The materials in this course helped me set a pace, stay focused, identify my weak areas and prepare for the exam. This course was the push I needed to get me over the top and I highly recommend it and will be forever grateful."

- Laurence R. Huff, CMA

"Hi Nathan & CMA Exam Academy, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to CMA Exam Academy who made me a CMA now.  This process is hard but the support that I got from you were immense. Thank you so much."

- Srinivasan Rangarajan, CMA

"I would like to thank Mr. Nathan for being my teacher on the journey to becoming a CMA. I finally passed both parts."

- Bilal Khan, CMA

"When we look forward to pass professional exams within a short span, we need to follow the right approach and Nathan provides the 3 most important tools which I believe are very essential to pass the CMA exam: (1) Structured plan & assignments (Mock exams with 86% minimal score will help you to retain the content and tests your understanding). (2) Weekly emails, live sessions & follow-ups. (3) Positive quotes & encouraging candidates throughout the program. Along with my dedicated focus and determination to study, I passed the CMA exams on my first attempt. I'm glad that I have chosen CMA Exam Academy. Thank you Nathan."

- Pragadeesh Nandivarman, CMA

"I enrolled in the CMA Exam Academy in 2019, and attempted Part 1 of the CMA Exam, for the first time in Feb 2020. With Nathan's help, I was able to pass Part 1, on my first attempt itself! It was a more than 5 years since I graduated and taken my last Accounting course, but Nathan's video lectures for each topic helped me refresh all the material that is tested. The question bank really helped me the most. Each topics simulated multiple choice questions were very similar in format, to the many of the multiple choice questions I had to complete on the actual exam. Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy team were very responsive to all my questions I had about the exam, and numerous content specific questions I reviewed with them one-on-one. I highly recommend Nathan's CMA review course, especially all the video lectures, and practice multiple choice questions, which will prepare you very well for the CMA exams. Thanks again Nathan, and looking forward to taking Part 2 of your review Course as well."

- Ronald Thomas, CMA Candidate

"Nathan and the team at CMA Exam Academy helped me pass both part 1 and part 2 on my first attempt in less than one year. My score in part 1 was 400/500 and part 2 was 460/500. The way both the courses are structured prepares a student to be confident in his/her answer on the test day and pass them with flying colors. I thank Nathan and his team at CMA Exam Academy in helping me achieve my goal."

- Sabuj Mainul, CMA

"Without the CMA Exam Academy, I would have gotten off track with my preparations for the CMA exam. Between the structured study schedule and the constant contact from the team, I have been successful."

- Harley Day, CMA

"People say the proof is in the pudding. The CMA Exam Academy program is the pudding designed for you to pass the CMA exam the first time. Their program is structured so you don’t waste time studying things that don’t matter and keeps you focused on getting through to the finish line. All you have to do is commit the time and do what they laid out. I passed part one the first time, so yeah the proof is really in the pudding."

-  John Harris, CMA Candidate

"Nathan and the rest of the Team here at CMA Exam Academy were very helpful in my achievement of passing Part 2 on my first attempt. The practice tests are the most valuable part. Throughout the program, I not only learned the material but also became more comfortable with the test format and the types of questions asked."

- Joe Leja, CMA Candidate

"I passed both parts on my very first attempt. After exploring my options I decided to choose CMA Exam Academy as my review course because of their excellent coaching team, well-designed, and time-friendly course outline, bite-size video lectures, self-explanatory textbook, and one-to-one support from the coaches. As with many candidates initially, I was also confused to invest my time and money in a review course that is not one of the biggest selling brands in the market, but later I realized choosing CMA Exam Academy was one of the best decisions of my life. After long 5 years of gap, it wasn't easy for me to come back to study but the Academy made it possible. I am grateful to Nathan Liao for his continuous support and mentorship throughout the journey. I recommend CMA Exam Academy to other candidates as well. "

-  Rehnuma Mahbub, CMA

"Right off the bat, hands off to the best support when it comes to any confusing topic. Could always count that my questions will be answered time for me to progress which allowed me to complete the certification in under 6 months. Thank you, Nathan and Team"

- Sidharth Dhunna, CMA

"CMA Exam Academy is everything you need and more to ensure success on both CMA exams. Trust the proven 16-week process, and soon all the hard work will pay off. I can’t thank Nathan and his team enough for their continuous support during my journey to becoming a CMA!"

-  DJ Vogt, CMA

"I am so happy to have found CMA Exam Academy. I highly recommend it to all CMA candidates out there. I tried a couple of other programs like Wiley and it was so difficult, the language was hard to comprehend, Nathan’s lectures and the textbooks are in simple language and that cuts your study time in half. I also found their test bank to be plentiful and relevant, close to what’s on the exam. The team is there for you, response time to questions and emails is pretty much immediate. All in all, I am amazed at how amazing this program is. My suggestion to the team would be to add the same for CPA exam, I will be your first customer 🤩😁. "

- Mira Moro, CMA

"I really enjoyed the program. The structure of breaking sections down each week helped me stay focused and not feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on each part of the exam. When I had questions, I could reach out and get the help when I needed it. I was able to pass both sections of the exam on my first try using the program. "

-  Joe Koss, CMA