2024 CMA Textbook Combo (Part 1 and Part 2)

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If you want to pass the CMA, you need the right textbooks. Both parts of the CMA cover broad categories in accounting. CMA textbooks are the only way to be sure that you get all of the info you need to succeed, and ours are the best.

CMA Exam Academy students have a pass rate of over 90%, which far exceeds the global pass rate of 45%.

Written by CMA experts, our textbooks cover each part of the exam in-depth. Whether or not you have a background in accounting, you can pick these textbooks up and instantly start memorizing, interacting with and learning all of the info you need to pass the test. Don’t wait! Get started on your CMA studies today!

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This is the CMA textbook set that’s going to support your path to passing. 

Use our Part One CMA Textbook and Part Two CMA Textbook so you don’t miss a thing. We provide full coverage of all exam materials, written in a straightforward and engaging way.

Buy these exam review textbooks and get real-world (annually updated) CMA exam examples, strategies, and coaching tips. Our textbooks aren’t dry or abstract. Crack them open every day for a play-by-play of the content and approach you need to crush each subject on the exam.

Ever wonder how people pass the CMA exam the first time, or where they even begin? This is how and this is where. 

Want to max out the benefit? Use these CMA textbooks to support your online course with the CMA Exam Academy. Our 16-week program has helped tens of thousands of students pass the CMA exam. 

Get in on genius coaching, expert test-taking techniques, and thorough material coverage.

Who is this for?

Our CMA exam textbooks are the right tool for anyone who is studying for either part of the CMA exam. Support your CMA Exam Academy course (or any other CMA review course) or use these to self-study for the CMA exam. Buy the CMA Textbook Combo today!

CMA Part-One Textbook

  • Section A – External Financial Reporting Decisions: You’ll learn to master Financial Statements, and Recognition, Measurement, Valuation and Disclosure.
  • Section B – Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting: You’ll learn to master Strategic Planning, Budgeting Concepts, Forecasting Techniques, Budget Methodologies, Annual Profit Plan and Supporting Schedules, Top-level Planning and Analysis.
  • Section C – Performance Management: You’ll learn to master Cost and Variance Measures, Responsibility Centers and Reporting Segments, and Performance Measures.
  • Section D – Cost Management: You’ll learn to master Measurement Concepts, Costing Systems, Overhead Costs, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Improvement.
  • Section E – Internal Controls: You’ll learn to master Governance, Risk and Compliance, Internal Auditing, and Systems Controls and Security Measures.
  • Section F – Technology & Analytics: You’ll learn to master Information Systems, Data Governance, Data Analytics, and Technology for Finance
  • Examples & Illustrations: Throughout the textbook you’ll find illustrations and examples to help you learn and assimilate the content in a visual way.

CMA Part-Two Textbook

  • Section A – Financial Statement Analysis: You’ll learn to master Basic Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Ratios & Performance Metrics, Profitability Analysis, and Special Issues.
  • Section B – Corporate Finance: You’ll learn to master Risk & Return, Long Term Financial Management, Raising Capital, Working Capital Management, Corporate Restructuring, and International Finance.
  • Section C – Decision Analysis: You’ll learn to master Cost/Volume/Profit Analysis (CVP Analysis), Marginal Analysis, and Pricing.
  • Section D – Risk Management: You’ll learn to master Enterprise Risk.
  • Section E – Investment Decisions: You’ll learn and master Capital Budgeting Process, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Payback & Discounted Payback, and Risk Analysis in Capital Investment.
  • Section F – Professional Ethics: You’ll learn to master Business Ethics, and Ethical considerations for management accounting and financial management professionals, and Ethical considerations for the organization.
  • Examples & Illustrations: Throughout the textbook you’ll find illustrations and examples to help you learn and assimilate the content in a visual way.

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