Understanding the CMA Exam Passing Score

Understanding the CMA Exam Passing Score

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to taking the CMA exam to become a Certified Management Accountant.

For starters, what is the CMA exam passing score? To pass the CMA exam, you’ll need to score at least 360 points.

How hard is the CMA exam?

What kinds of exam questions can I expect?

Do I have to take a CMA course in order to pass?

If you want to become a CMA in the USA, passing marks are a must.

Studying for the exam while working to meet the other Certified Management Accountant requirements is hard enough, so let’s take one stressor off your plate: the CMA exam passing score.

Here are the highlights in this article:

Originally published on May 25, 2020, this article was updated and republished on January 09, 2023.

What’s the Highest Score on the CMA Exam?

To pass the CMA exam, you must score at least 360 out of 500, or 70% overall, between the multiple-choice questions and the essays. The scores are scaled to ensure fairness and consistency for all candidates. If you fail the CMA exam, you can examine your performance in each topic area using a performance report from Prometric.

Average CMA Pass Rates Globally

The latest CMA pass rates as reported by the IMA are:

  • 45% for Part One (a 10% increase from previous years)
  • 45% for Part Two (a 5% decrease from previous years)

An average of 4,000 CMA certifications are granted in the U.S. each year.

How is the CMA Score Calculated?

Your work on the CMA exam is weighted equally. That being said, there are different versions of the exam. These vary in difficulty. That is why a raw scoring system is implemented.

In other words, if you receive a more difficult version of the test, 65% may be passing. In a different, easier form, 70% may be passing. Percentages are not as important as your final aggregate number.

What you need to know is

  1. The exam is graded positively, with no penalties for incorrect answers.
  2. You need to get at least 50% on the multiple-choice questions to proceed to the essays.
  3. You need an overall passing score between the two sections.

Here’s the breakdown of how the CMA score is calculated and how your numbers are crunched:

  • 75% of your grade = multiple-choice questions
    90 of the 100 multiple-choice questions are graded. This is because 10 are presented to create future tests and don’t impact your exam score. How you answer the remaining 90 impacts 75% of your score.
  • 25% of your grade = two essays
    The other 25% of your grade is composed of the two essay sections.

Let’s dive deeper into how each of these two categories impacts your final CMA score.

Important facts about CMA multiple-choice questions

  • All MCQs are equally weighted, meaning whether it’s simple or complex, it counts the same.
  • Incorrect answers do not cause penalties, so your grade doesn’t decrease if you answer wrong.
  • You have to get 50% of the MCQs correct to move on to the essays. If you didn’t get to the essays, you have your answer.

Important facts about CMA essay questions

  • You get points for each correct part of your answer.
  • You don’t lose points for incorrect answers.
  • As you show your work, numerical or equation errors will only be penalized once.
  • You get zero points for a blank question. Writing something is better than nothing.

CMA Scoring Process

Multiple-choice questions are graded by a computer. This is done according to an algorithm and is an objective process. Unanswered questions are zero, as are wrong answers, so it’s worth taking a shot and answering everything.

Essay questions are graded by statisticians with the Prometric center. While these testers follow a scientific process for scoring your answers, it’s important to note that they can interpret your effort in a human way. This means that they can see the logic behind your answers and gauge the level of knowledge you brought to the question.

Knowing this may incentivize test-takers to respond differently. Your score will reflect the accuracy of your content and how well it is organized and articulated.

Read more about the test in the CMA handbook.

When Are CMA Scores Released?

Test results are released a few weeks after your test date. Here is a projection of when you might expect to receive your score:

Test Month, 2023

Score Release Dates (Predicted)


March 14


April 11


July 12


August 11


November 11


December 12

How Many Questions Are on the CMA Exam?

Each part of the exam is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and two essay scenarios.

Candidates are given 3 hours to complete the MCQ section and 1 hour for the essay portion. What’s great is that if you finish your MCQ section before the allotted 3 hours are up, you can roll your remaining time over to the essay section. Once you have decided to move forward, you cannot go back and change any MCQ, though, so keep this in mind.

As far as scoring goes, 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section.

In order to even make it to the essay section, candidates must score 50% or over on the multiple-choice questions. If you score 49% or less, you will have to retake the exam in the next window.

The grades from both sections will be put together to give you your CMA exam passing score.

Common Multiple-Choice Scoring Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions relating to multiple-choice scoring.

Are multiple-choice questions weighted differently?

No. Unlike other exams, like the CPA exam, for example, each multiple-choice question on the exam is scored equally.

Your raw score is converted to a uniform scoring system between 0-500.

Passing the exam requires getting a minimum score of 360.

Do you lose marks if you answer the question incorrectly?

No. You will not earn any points, but you will not be penalized with a negative mark for answering a question wrong.

If you are running out of time, it is better to guess blindly than not to answer them at all.

Do you need to pass the MCQ and Essay portions to get a CMA passing score?

In order to get a CMA exam passing score, you need to perform well in both the MCQ and essay sections. As I said earlier, you do need to get at least 50% of the MCQ correct in order to move on to the essay portion, but if you score significantly higher on the MCQ section than the essay, you can still receive an overall CMA passing rate.

Scoring the CMA Exam Essay Section

When it comes to the essay portion of the exam, you will have to answer two scenarios. There are typically 4 to 6 questions within each essay scenario. Your responses are recorded using a simple word processor.

Some essay questions may require computational answers, which can be created using the table function on the word processor. You can use the table to show calculations.

If you are not comfortable with this sort of task, I highly recommend getting familiar with the testing environment and doing as many CMA practice questions as possible beforehand. The majority of candidates who struggle with the exam tend to have one thing in common – they did not practice enough. Don’t make that exam mistake. Take as many Certified Management Accountant practice tests as you can.

All essay questions are scored by experts and not through a computer algorithm. You will be graded on your knowledge of the exam content and ability to apply concepts clearly and logically in real business situations. Candidates who write English proficiently will get extra points.

Expressing Your Knowledge of the Exam Content

In order to crush both the MCQ and essay sections, you will need to truly understand the exam content. Being able to apply your knowledge and choosing the right question is critical for passing the exam.

The best way to test your knowledge is by using an online CMA test bank like that found in the CMA Exam Academy review course.

It helps you to focus on the material that you are struggling with instead of wasting time on content you already understand.

Apply Concepts Clearly in Business Situations

There is a difference between knowing and understanding the content. You can memorize information, but if you don’t know how to apply it in a real scenario, then it cannot help you pass the exam.

Before you begin tackling your essay question, you should start by reading the entire question word by word. Take the time to fully understand what is being asked of you.

Next, identify the concepts that are being tested in that particular essay question. Whether you like mind mapping or writing out lists, make sure you know which key terms you are going to elaborate on in your essay.

Don’t overcomplicate your answers. Remember, the goal is to be clear and coherent. This includes using correct English grammar and spelling.

Avoid slang or unnecessary exclamation marks. You should use business writing principles, not colloquialisms.

Structure your essay the way you were taught during your bachelor’s degree years – with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Your first paragraph should introduce how you will be explaining the question. Throughout the middle paragraphs, expand on your points with as many applicable facts as possible.

As always, with the conclusion, make sure to summarize your key points and tie up any loose ends.

The Best Way to Ensure a CMA Exam Passing Score

Want to increase your odds of passing the exam on your first try? The best way to ensure you get a CMA exam passing score is by choosing a review course.

Review courses cover all the material you will be tested on and provide you with additional study resources like formula guides and audio reviews.

CMA Exam Academy offers everything from our unique PassRate technology to one-on-one coaching, weekly support calls, and accountability check-ins, among many other things.

With my 16-week study plan, you can become a CMA in as little as eight months.

If you are interested to learn more about CMA Exam Academy and how I can help you ace the exam, click here.

What if I Failed the CMA Exam?

There is one way to know immediately that you failed the CMA exam. If you answer less than 50% of the multiple-choice questions wrong, you will not be allowed to proceed to the essay portion of the test.

However, if you do but still receive less than a total of 360 points, you will have failed. First, don’t feel too bad: you’re in good company. Remember that only about 35% of candidates passed part one last year.

If you fail your CMA exam results, you will receive a performance report. This can be immensely helpful. The performance report will provide you with a descriptive level that tells you how you did. You will receive feedback that tells you whether you were:

  1. Satisfactory
  2. Marginal
  3. Unsatisfactory

These are listed from best (closest to passing) to worst (low score). The report will indicate your performance in each content area, giving you the perfect guide for your next round of study.

CMA Exam Academy Resources

Whether or not you pass, CMA Exam Academy has plenty of resources to help you out. If you need coaching to try again, we got you. If you are ready to move on to certification, I can give you info about the next steps.

Just want to get pumped about becoming a CMA? Discover your salary potential as a Certified Management Accountant.

And if you still have a few questions about how to get a CMA exam passing score, pop on down to the comment section and fire away.

Nathan Liao

Hi, I’m Nathan Liao (aka the CMA Coach)! For the last 10 years, over 82,000 accounting and finance pros came knocking at my door seeking guidance and help. If you’re also aiming to conquer the CMA exam on your very first try—without wasting away time or money—you’ve found your ultimate guide. Dive in deeper to discover more about me and the dedicated team that powers CMA Exam Academy. Click here and let’s embark on this journey together!

80 Comments on “Understanding the CMA Exam Passing Score”

  1. I’m excited to share that I completed my Part 1 CMA exam yesterday and am now waiting for the results, having reached the essay portion.

    While awaiting the outcome, I’m seeking your guidance on whether I should commence studying for Part 2 or await the results of Part 1. I estimate I performed reasonably well, scoring around 60% in the multiple-choice questions and 50% in the essay section.

    Your advice on the best course of action would be greatly appreciated , and what are my chances to pass ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      I often recommend starting the second part to keep momentum going hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!

      It’s a good sign that you made it to the end of your exam. Trust that you’ve done your best.

  2. I got 290 in MCQ section and still was not able to get essay question in CMA exam what could be the possible reason?
    I do understand CMA use scale scoring but the final result that have been sent is supposed to be based on scaled scores in which I have scored more than 50% but still I was not able to get essay question. I tried contacting IMA but did not get a satisfactory answer.

    1. Hi Jamil,

      Please note that the scores are based on the difficulty level of the particular exam form. 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section.

      You can read more about passing scores in the following article: CMA Exam Results – Interpret Your Score

      1. I agree but in my case I’ve scored more than 50% of 75 percent in the MCQ, then what could be the possible reason that I was unable to get essay questions at the end of MCQs?

  3. Hello Nathan,

    I just wanted to ask if there are 6 sub questions of each case study then total number of questions being 12 are weighed equally ? As in MCQs.

    1. Hi Pooja,

      There are between 4 to 6 questions in each essay. They are not graded equally. The ICMA uses a gradebook to award points in essays, but we don’t have access to the gradebook.

    1. Hi Grace,

      The IMA has an exam re-evaluation process for a small fee but usually they don’t change the scores because their scoring is quite accurate the first time around. But if you’d like to get it done, an IMA representative can do it for you. Just reach out to them via their website and request it.

  4. Hi Nathan,

    I am from india ,I completed CMA and provides me great knowledge but for the job opportunities I did not see any offers like CPA
    I have 7+ years experience in f&a domain and every time I see any opportunities in companies they prefer CPA.
    Is there any way to get the direct job opportunities?

    1. Hi Ashin,

      Those 10 questions that are not graded are “probe” questions the ICMA is testing as potential future exam questions.

    1. Hi Shubham,

      Yes, you can submit the educational and experience requirements to IMA either prior to taking the exam or no later than 7 years after passing both parts of the CMA exam.


  5. Hi Nathan!
    I am an undergraduate student and I took my US CMA part 2 exam on 3rd of October this year and I feel that the results will be out in next 7 days or so. I moved to the essay portion in the exam. And, while attempting the essays I felt most of them very okay but a 2 or 3 seemed a bit tough but rest very okay and doable. What do you think? I used to get accuracy between 75-85 while attempting mocks.

    1. Hi Simriti,

      Your score will be released around mid-December. Trust that you’ve done your best.

      It’s a very good sign that you made it to the essay section. Congrats on finishing your exam!

  6. Hi
    1-Can we consider an essay question from part 2 in the part 1 exam as difficult level of CMA exam ?
    2- Any idea about % of fail rate after reaching the essay questions ?
    Thank you

  7. How is it possible if you get the 50% in MCQ that is 200 and we need 360 for passing and essay marking is only 100 so total if you get the 100/100 in essay still total is 300 and we require to pass the score is 360.

    1. Hi Shubham,

      The scores are based on the difficulty level of a particular exam. 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Nathan… Do you mean the scores are based on the difficulty level of a particular “question” (not “exam”)?

        1. Hi Tanmay,

          Your exam difficulty level is one of many variables in your final score calculation. 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section.

          Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.


  8. Hello sir, hope you’re doing well.
    Sir I gave my US CMA part 1 exam and I was able to reach to the Essay section although I am not very sure how I performed in my MCQ and Essay section so I’m feeling nervous and anxious about my result. Can you please guide me.

    1. Hi Divyansh,

      If you made it to the essay, there’s a good chance you passed. Fingers crossed!


  9. I took my second exam attempt through the AAMA and failed.. AGAIN. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve read a-lot of things and people have said the exam is just extremely hard. I’m confident, have a positive mind , and have been using online study tools and a recommended book. What else could help me pass on the third time ? How many hours a week do you this is sufficient enough to study ? UGHH. I feel I will never pass.

    1. Hi Paige,

      It looks like you are studying for the Certified Medical Assistant exam.

      I offer study courses and materials for the Certified Management Accountant certification.


  10. Hello sir, I am Indian CMA student and I felt like I should change the course to CMA US, So I just wanna ask that if it easy to score 360 out of 500?most of our ndian parents are of traditional mind so they are worried regarding whether we’ll pass or fail?

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      The exams are hard but not impossible to succeed at passing them. With the right mindset, discipline and review course that fits your learning style, you’ll set yourself up for success.

      I invite you to read the following article: https://cmaexamacademy.com/how-hard-is-the-cma-exam/

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  11. Hi Nathan,

    I took my part 2 exam in February but unfortunately did not pass. I felt the MCQs were doable and essay were average. I retook my exam again in June. This time I felt my exam was much difficult than earlier. Majority of MCQS were theory based. I felt as if I won’t reach essay section. But fortunately essay opened. I struggled a lot with 2 essay questions. Can you please let me know what are my chances of passing the exam?

    I went through CMA hand book, and I am confused how do IMA evaluate an easy exam with difficult one? Can we interpret that easy exam takers have more chances to pass than difficult one.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Raj,

      If you made it to the essay, there’s a good chance you passed. Fingers crossed!

      The scores are based on the difficulty level of a particular exam. 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section. Trust that you’ve done your best 🙂


  12. Hello Nathan Liao,

    I am Hina Verma and also preparing for the CMA (USA) Part B and would like to enroll incoming window i.e. May-June 2022.

    Further, this is to inform you that I have completed my syllabus and started the revision yesterday. I am a working professional there I am giving time to my study 3 hours daily and on weekends i.e. Sat and Sun – 5 hours. I have started my revision with Sec B Corporate Finance and solving the MCQ’s topic wise and also made a keynote for the revision point of view 10 days before the exam. I would like to request you to advise, which strategy should I follow to revise my syllabus three or four times until April 2022 and also advise which question bank series should I follow for Essay type questions from Now onwards.

  13. Hi Natan
    My self Apsana taj
    I’m going to attend part 2 exam on 16th of feb can u give me some ideas

  14. Hello Nathan, I gave my part one exam yesterday, i felt some questions were very lengthy and difficult while others were fine, I was scared if I will proceed to essay section, fortunately I did proceed to essay section and it went good! What do you think about my chances of passing the exam.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Vinay,

      Trust that you’ve done your best.

      If you made it to the essay, there’s a good chance you passed. Fingers crossed!

      If you are interested, you can read more about exam equating in the CMA Handbook.


  15. Hello Nathan,

    Hope you are doing well !!

    I gave exam on 5 th October,2021. MCQs were really tough. Though essay section had opened. However I am still worried whether I will pass the exam or not since I am not at all confident about my performance. Could you please let me know whether 50% of mcq means 50 mcqs out of 100 or 50% of 375 marks needs to be correctly done.

    Thanks for you time.


    1. Hi Debamita,

      It means you need to answer at least 50% of the MCQs correctly. If you meet that criteria, you are eligible to take the essay section.

      Fingers crossed!

  16. Hello

    I took my exam and I never prepared for it. The results came and I got 210 in the second part. Do you think if I study well , i will pass the exam? Is there a chance for me?

    1. Hi Jory,

      Studying for the CMA certification does take a lot of time and dedication, but your efforts will pay off, and there’s a good chance you can pass the exam.

      I also wrote an article about Your Options If You Fail the CMA Exam.

      If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to ask.


  17. Hello Nathan, I gave my part -1 exam today and i felt the difficulty level was high as compared to the mocks. There were very less direct questions and i got many numericals. I was very scared that i’ll reach essay section or not but fortunately i did and according to me I properly answered all the questions. What do you think about my performance? Do you think doing well in the essay increases my chances of passing? How do we evaluate the difficulty of the paper?

    1. Hi Isha,

      If you made it to the essay, there’s a good chance you passed. Fingers crossed!

      The scores are based on the difficulty level of the particular exam form. 75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section. Trust that you’ve done your best 🙂

      You can read more about exam equating in the CMA Handbook.


      1. Hi Nathan!
        Thank you so much for your great blogs on Us cma
        Today i got the result and i passed the part one with 370 score!
        Also according to you is it a fine score, do score matters or its just pass/fail?
        Thanks alot

    2. I had the same experience as yours, i took the test last week and it was very difficult. I want to know how many mcq’s do you think you have answered correctly?

  18. Hi. i’m worried about my CMA exam i pass the MQC and essay window are open to me about i feel that i answer good, but after reading the comment i be confuse some of the candidates get 260 and essay question was not open and other get 187 and the essay question are open

    1. Shaikha, trust that you’ve done your best. I know the waiting game is tough because it’s a long wait. If you haven’t taken the second CMA exam yet this is a good time to start studying for it while you wait for your exam score.

  19. Hi Nathan,
    How close were I to getting passed when I secured 330 marks in the previous window? Please answer.

  20. Hi

    How many MCQ and Essay questions one must practice from each chapter to determine if he or she is ready for the test.

    I know the answer is “practice as many questions as you can.” But what do you think is a descent number.

    Is completing 100 MCQ’s and lets say 10 Essays questions from each chapter sufficient?

    Best Regards
    Fahad H

    1. Hi Fahad,

      Practice exams are great for assessing your knowledge, but I don’t recommend them as a means of learning the material.

      Getting high scores on practice exams after studying the subject matter from the textbook is a good indicator that you’ve mastered the material. The sheer number of questions attempted does not accurately reflect a candidate’s exam readiness.


  21. How to retain knowledge say once you completed any topic and move on to another one? Any suggestion.

    1. Hi Abhinav,

      Here are a few methods that should help you retain the information you’ve learnt:
      1. Study using the SQ3R technique
      2. Take practice exams to assess your knowledge
      3. Build your own flashcards and use them to practice active recall by spaced repetition

      Hope this helps! For more study strategies for the CMA exam, check out my YouTube channel at this link.


  22. While taking the MCQ can you go to a previous question or once it is answered there is no going back…even if there is remaining time im the 3hours?

  23. Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for the provided guidelines for exam preparation. kindly further guide if there is any available software designed or developed for CMA Members for the mock exam to get prepared as per the actual exam pattern.

  24. Hi Nathan,

    I was going through some of the replies regarding 50% MCQ pass criteria. some of the candidates got 280 and the essay window didn’t open . What does this mean ?

    Lets assume that the failed candidate got 40 question correct and got 280 numbers that means the candidate got on an average 7 marks for each correct question whereas the total marks available are only 375 ( 3.75 marks per question ). does that mean the rest 60 questions were for 85 marks only ?

    1. Hi Amit,

      Good question! It looks like their exam form had more difficult questions than others, that’s why they got more points for each correct answer.

      You can read more about exam equating in the CMA Handbook.

      The scores are based on the difficulty level of the particular exam form. So some may

  25. Hi sir,

    Can u pls tell me how many marks does each question carries in both MCQ’s and essay’s.

    1. Hi Sathvika,

      75% of your overall score will come from the MCQ section and 25% from the essay section.

      The amount of points attributed to each question depends on the difficulty level of your particular exam.


  26. Hi,
    I have prepared with wiley and test banks are all covered.
    Can I expect same type of questions for the exam.

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  29. In my last exam of part 1 in Feb 2020 I got 250 score for MCQS when result came . but I could not cross from MCQS to Essay section . why that essay section was not opened even though I got 250 score in MCQS

    1. Hey Jacob,

      I think you’ve also asked me this question during my live today, am I right? 🙂

      But I’ll respond to it here again in case other readers are wondering about the same thing.

      So, a score of 250 doesn’t necessarily equate 50% MCQs answered correctly. The reason for that is that the ICMA uses a scaled grading system and the weight attributed to your MCQs varies depending on the overall difficulty of the exam form you got.

      So if your exam was a more difficult one, which it seems like it was, then your MCQs will weigh more than the average and you’ll get a higher score than for example someone who answered the same number of questions correctly as you but had an overall less difficult exam form.

      The catch is that regardless of how difficult your exam is, you must answer correctly at least 50% of the MCQs in order to move on to the essay section. So even if your exam was really hard and you could have theoretically achieved a passing score with let’s say 40 MCQs answered correctly, the exam will still close after the MCQ section simply because you didn’t answer correctly a minimum of 50% of MCQs.

      I know this fact can be disappointing and it can put candidates with a more difficult exam form at a disadvantage, but that’s how the CMA exam grading works. The best strategy is to prepare for harder questions and to aim for a score as high as 90% when practicing on mock exams and then you will pass the real exam with flying colors too 🙂


  30. Hi Nathan,

    Hope you are doing well. I took part I in February and couldn’t proceed with the essay which means I didn’t get 50% . Now I got my result and my score is 260. I don’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to write the essay. Can you probably explain?


    1. Hi Michael,

      This has to do with the scaled grading system the ICMA uses. The weight of each MCQ is proportional to the overall difficulty of the exam form you got.

      It appears that yours was among the more difficult ones, that’s why even though you answered correctly less than 50% you scored 260 on the MCQ section.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to hit reply.


  31. Hey Nathan,
    I attempted part 1 exam in Feb 2020. The exam was pretty tough and also I didn’t get into the essay section. But today my scorecard came. It says I have scored 280 marks in mcq which is higher than the 50% cutoff necessary to get into the essay section. I’ve mailed ima about it. What could be the possible action from them ? What do you think?

  32. Hey
    I am a 26 years old
    Completed my graduation in 2014
    I have working experience of retail store
    Still i am eligible for CMA?

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Yes, you are eligible for the CMA exam.

      You may not meet the experience qualifications for the CMA certification yet, but you will be able to fulfill them within 7 years after passing the exam. You can read more on this here.


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  34. I agree with Ahmed regarding to 50% of MCQ is not working out and it will be 50% of total score 500

  35. Hi Nathan,

    im just wondring regards 50% of MCQ its only 375*.50% = 187.5 and even if i got the full score at essay section it wont work out to pass CMA Exam the total would be +125+187.5= 312.5 which its not 360 to pass the exam.

    The concept regards cost to benefit will not be implemented to sign the essay question for someone who wont pass any way!
    is there is any more explnation regards that issue?,

    Thank you and my best regards,

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      Yes, you’re right. I believe the ICMA may have set the bar at only 50% so that candidates who are close to passing could have the opportunity to peak at the essay section and know what to expect on their exam retake so they could better prepare for it.


  36. Hi Nathan,

    I’m really worried on my cma exam performance. Based on previous exam, do you know the passing chance for those who have reached the essay part in exam? Given we have the global passing rate and in region-wise rate, did IMA release this passing trending?



    1. Hi Ejay,

      If you made it to the essay, there’s a good chance you passed. Fingers crossed!

      IMA doesn’t disclose pass rates by region or any other criteria. All we know is that it ranges from 35% to 50% globally.

      Thank you,

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  39. Dear Sir

    I am 58 years old working as Senior Accountant in a private company in Bombay.

    I would like to upgrade my skills and want to switch to some big 4 companies.

    My main query is I am 58 years old and at this age if I become CMA and at the time of interview whether the employer would prefer me or youngster.

    Also whatever if I learn or acquire knowledge during my CMA course at the age of 58, how I can cope up or put to use the knowledge in real time or at my work place.

    Subramanian Venkatraman

    Please advice me how to move from here.

    1. Hi Subramanian,

      The CMA designation is a valuable credential at any stage in your career. The great thing is that it only takes 6 to 8 months to acquire it.

      As you learn the subject matter, you’ll find it relevant in your Sr. Accountant role. Perhaps not every single topic but there will be overlap. This is how you can start applying it in real time at work.

      Thank you,

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