Why You Should Try CMA Exam Academy vs Other CMA Review Courses

CMA Exam Academy

I have a confession to make — I’ve been googling myself lately. Or more specifically, CMA Exam Academy to see just what others are saying.

In my opinion, one of the best ways you can improve is by listening to your audience and accepting constructive criticism.

I read several CMA Exam Academy reviews from others and was quite happy with the positive feedback. The only consistent “negative” feedback (and I use that term loosely) was that I was the new kid on the block.

Simply put, that I don’t have 40+ years of experience like some other CMA review courses out there.

To that, I say, you are absolutely correct.

But here are a few reasons why you should try CMA Exam Academy over other CMA review courses anyways.

What’s Included in the CMA Exam Academy Review Course

When it comes to review courses, CMA Exam Academy has everything. When you sign up for the Complete Coaching Combo you will receive:

  • Weekly coaching calls with myself
  • Printed Textbooks featuring 100% of the ICMA Learning Outcome Statements (FREE shipping included!)
  • Interactive online textbook that covers 100% of the ICMA LOS material as well and allows you to highlight, comment and bookmark as you read
  • 12 Week syllabus and study system broken down for both Part One and Part Two of the exam
  • 50+ hours of video lectures
  • 50+ hours of audio lectures for on the go prep
  • Weekly assignments and email accountability
  • Unlimited online coaching with 24 hour response time
  • PDF Formula guides and 35+ essay questions with model answers
  • 2 year access to course and 2500+ question Test Bank.
  • Adaptive learning technology to help you laser focus on areas of weakness
  • Pass or receive your money back

I have read and agreed to your Privacy Policy.

CMA Exam Academy Level of Coaching and Support

I have witnessed first hand just how beneficial one on one support and coaching can be to your CMA exam success.

Where CMA Exam Academy review really stands out is with the level of coaching and support offered.

For starters I offer a live weekly coaching call where we tackle some of your biggest obstacles. Some of these calls are organized around topics or themes for discussion, while others are open to Q & A for all your burning questions.

The feedback I have received from these coaching calls is next level and students love this because no other course offers live coaching calls.

On top of live calls I also offer additional email support. Here’s how it works. Essentially I will track your progress through the lectures and assignments. Each week I will send you an email update highlighting your problem areas and letting you know if you’re falling behind. This will help you laser focus your study efforts to improve your weaknesses.

In addition to this you have full access to me throughout the duration of your course access ie 1 year per part or 2 years for both parts. Not only does this approach keep you accountable to your studying, but it offers a kind of support system that most review courses lack.

Why don’t I offer Unlimited Access anymore? Because I know you don’t want to study for the rest of your life. You want to pass the exam and move on. Having a “deadline” encourages my students to study and pass as soon as they can. In other words, no more procrastination.

To put this in perspective, other review courses does not offer any personalized coaching or progress reports a part from the automatic progress reports created from their online courseware.

You are able to email experts with your exam related questions and they will respond within 48 hours, but if you require an immediate response your only tool is to browse through their archived discussion forums.

Price Point and Money Back Guarantee

Most review courses, including CMA Exam Academy offer combo packages including both Part One and Part Two study materials or you can purchase each part individually.

At CMA Exam Academy each Part costs $797. If you purchase both at the same time I offer a discounted price of $697 per part.

This price includes all materials and coaching listed above with two years access to both the course and test bank.

Because I believe so strongly in the CMA Exam Academy review course, I back this with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t pass on your first try.

Other courses, like Wiley CMAexcel for example, also offers pricing packages per part. You have the option to purchase both Print and Ebook copies or just the Ebook version.

The cost per part for Print and Ebook is $1200, and slightly cheaper for just e-book, costing $1175 per part. If you purchase both parts together it will cost $1800 or $1750 respectively.

Unfortunately Wiley and many others, do not back their material with a money back guarantee of any kind. You will want to be sure you plan on studying your butt off and taking this seriously if you expect to get your money’s worth.

Pass Rate

CMA Exam Academy review course and any other review course worth its salt, track pass rates of candidates albeit in different manners.

For example, Wiley boasts a success rate of 8 out of 10 candidates. They base this figure on the number of exam parts passed divided by the number of course parts completed.

I, on the other hand, am proud to report a pass rate of 72%. This is calculated by the number of students who passed this exam after using CMA Exam Academy, divided by the total number of Academy students taking the exam.

What you may notice is that most review courses either don’t post their pass rates or share this rate without any sort of explanation.

Regardless of how the pass rate is calculated it is fairly obvious that both CMA Exam Academy and Wiley CMAexcel are doing something right.

What it comes down to is what style of learning and support system you need to help you succeed.

And while I may not have decades of experience (yet!), I am confident that CMA Exam Academy has all the tools and resources you need to help you pass the cma exam on your very first try.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start working towards improving your career now!

Nathan Liao - Your CMA Exam Academy Coach

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