How To Study for the CMA Exam – My Best Study Technique Revealed

How to study for cma exam - Episode 10 - SQ3R

There is a ton of information out there to learn when it comes to how to study for CMA exam. How can you absorb so much information and then be able to actually apply it?

There are many different study methods that people swear by, but from my experience, there is only one that truly works — SQ3R.

Never heard of it? Well then stay tuned because you are going to want to learn all about this bulletproof study method to help take your exam prep to the next level. You’ll stop wondering how to study for CMA exam. Instead you’ll learn how to actually do it and do it very well. 

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Week’s Episode:

  • How to study for CMA exam the right way
  • What is SQ3R exactly
  • How this study method works
  • Why it’s such an incredible method for retaining and applying knowledge
  • How to incorporate it into your exam prep

Here’s the picture I promised you of the Blue City – Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco - Blue City


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