Episode 7 – The Best CMA Exam Prep Secrets By IMA’s Vice President

CMA Exam Prep

In this episode of The CMA Show, I have a very special guest who will reveal the best kept CMA exam prep secrets. This impressive man has 23 years experience with the IMA, is a certified management accountant, certified financial manager, as well as a certified association executive.

Impressive resume, right!

Dennis Whitney is the Senior Vice President of the Institute of Management Accountants and has heaps of knowledge to share with us about how to CMA exam prep. The advice and information he shares in this episode are truly invaluable to future CMA candidates, so let’s dive right in.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Week’s Episode:

    • A deeper look into what he actually does for the IMA
    • An insider look into the CMA exam structure and why it has been created this way
    • Which sections of the textbook candidates should focus their studying on
    • Strategies for tackling the essay section of the exam
    • How to pass the essay section if English is not your first language
    • Dennis’ top tip for crushing the multiple choice questions section
  • The prerequisites you must fulfill in order to become a CMA
  • Dennis’ advice for those about to take the exam for the first time
  • How the CMA is expanding globally and what we can expect from it in the future
  • When to consider asking for a regrade on your exam score


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  • The Ultimate Guide to the CMA Exam — Listen in for your FREE download discount code
  • CMAExamAcademy.com — The best online, Instructor-led CMA review course
  • Get in touch with Dennis Whitney — email him at [email protected]
  • IMAnet.org — learn more about the CMA

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8 Comments on “Episode 7 – The Best CMA Exam Prep Secrets By IMA’s Vice President”

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  3. Episode 7 is the most informative of the first seven podcasts. I highly recommend potential
    CMA Candidates listen to this podcasts. The podcast provided exam information. Thanks Dennis and Nathan.

  4. Highly informative session 🙂 Got to know many things like “how to approach the exam” , ” what to expect” and how will be the correction of Essay Questions , Awesome 🙂

      1. It’s an amazing episode, thank you for making every thing clear.
        I just want to ask a question, what do you think about taking both exams at the same window, separated by 2 or 3 weeks for example?

        1. It’s my pleasure, Khalid. I’m glad you enjoyed this episode 🙂

          I usually advise my students to focus on one part per exam window so they don’t feel overwhelmed and thus increase their chances of passing.

          But if you have extensive accounting/finance background and can devote around 20-25 hrs/week to your exam prep, this can be an achievable goal for you. I’ve seen students pass both parts within one exam window, so it’s totally possible 🙂

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