Episode 2 – What is the IMA CMA and Why It’ll Skyrocket Your Career and Income – An Interview with Jeff Thomson, CEO of the IMA

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This week’s episode is especially exciting because you will be hearing from a very distinguished guest in the IMA CMA community.

This man has made Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential four years in a row, Trust Across America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders for five years running, and most recently earned the Institute of Management Accounting’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

So who is he? Jeff Thomson — CEO of the IMA.

I was very excited to pick his brain on all things IMA CMA, so be sure to listen in to this one. You’re going to learn a lot.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Week’s Episode:

  • A brief history of the IMA CMA and where they see it going in the next 10-15 years
  • The benefits of earning your designation and why it trumps others
  • How the USA designation stacks up against its global counterparts
  • A realistic outlook on job opportunities available to newly minted CMAs
  • Insight into the IMA CMA exam content and how often it changes, and what to expect for future examinations
  • How to contact Jeff to chat careers and opportunities


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