Episode 8 – Fifteen Tips on How to Combine Your CMA Test Prep with Working Full-Time like a Pro

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When I made the decision to become a CMA, I was working full time, which meant I only had evenings and weekends for my CMA test prep.

Like so many others out there, I was putting in a 40 hour week of work, balancing family and friend commitments, but knew I needed to make some sacrifices if I was going to pass the exam.

Juggling so many commitments can be tough, and it’s often the reason so many candidates fail. To help you through the struggle and find success, I am going to be sharing 15 of my top tips on how you can manage to study for the exam while working a full-time job.

I am certain that if you take these tips into consideration, you too can earn your CMA designation.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Week’s Episode:

  • Some time management tips to help you balance your new CMA test prep schedule
  • How to cut back on noise, distractions, and procrastination
  • The one tool you absolutely need in order to stay accountable to your new goal
  • Why you need to play as hard as you work
  • When to take a step back from work so you can really crush the exam
  • How to get a free CMA test prep book


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  • CMACoach.com — The most comprehensive online resource for CMA candidates
  • CMAExamAcademy.com — The best online, Instructor-led CMA review course

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    1. Hi Gurshit,

      It is possible to study for the CMA exam while doing your bachelor’s degree.

      It’s best to focus on the CMA during their last year in college, not before. The exams are hard, and since you have to pass the 2 parts within 3 years from the enrollment date, it’s best to make sure you’ll have enough time to focus on the CMA.

      To learn more please click the link below for all details:


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