CMA Success Stories: 5 Career- and Life-Changing Tales

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Passing the CMA exam is a challenge. There’s a reason the credential is synonymous with excellence—it’s because you have to demonstrate excellence to earn one. But if you want to increase the value you bring to an organization; it’s one of the best ways to do so.

I’m very proud of each one of the CMA Exam Academy students, 88.7% of whom completed the course and passed the exam in 2021. And I’m excited to share some of their stories with you today. I hope these stories inspire you to take on this journey with confidence that you, too, can pass the exam on your first try.

If you’re feeling stuck in your current role, not getting paid when you feel your talents are worth, or not getting the opportunities that you want, then obtaining your CMA might be what you need to overcome your professional hurdles.

Becoming a CMA can transform your career and life by improving your confidence, increasing the value of your skill set, and unlocking your potential. Keep reading these CMA success stories below to learn more about how these former CMA Exam Academy Students overcame their unique challenges to take the next step in their careers.

Shandricka’s CMA Success Story

Shandricka’s CMA Success Story

After months of applying to jobs, Shandricka was frustrated by a lack of responses. She felt as though employers wouldn’t even consider her without a credential. One hiring manager even told her that, without a professional certification, her salary expectations were unrealistic.

She decided to earn a CMA to increase the number of professional opportunities available to her. To save money, she first tried self-studying but failed. There was such a wide variety of topics that it was difficult for Shandricka to develop an effective study plan.

Finally, she decided to invest in the CMA Exam Academy review course because of the “pass or you get your money back” guarantee. The guarantee helped her feel confident in her investment because she knew the CMA Exam Academy team was committed to her success.

Shandricka was also impressed by the value of the course. Firstly, the video lectures were incredibly engaging and made studying feel less like a chore. For such a competitive price, she also noticed there was a great variety of tools, resources, test bank questions, test drive support, coaching, and weekly calls.

On exam day, Shandricka felt 100% confident. She was prepared, relaxed, and excited to take the next step in her career. She was right to feel that way—Shandricka passed the exam on her first try!

Shandricka is living proof of how important it is to invest in yourself. Within a few weeks of becoming a CMA, she was invited for an interview and secured the job. She accepted a managerial position she loves and doubled her salary.

Tyler’s CMA Success Story

Tyler’s CMA Success Story

Tyler always felt he was destined to work in a leadership role. After years of being micromanaged in transactional roles, he decided to pursue a professional certification to help him stand out in his search for a new position.

He decided on the CMA after speaking to some colleagues, many of whom instantly upgraded their positions and salaries upon earning the credential.

Although he was excited, Tyler was concerned about the long hours of studying and the low pass rate. He enrolled in CMA Exam Academy’s review course because he wanted to pass the exam on his first try while continuing to work full-time.

Tyler said choosing CMA Exam Academy was a no-brainer. From the availability of resources, the upgraded and easy-to-read textbooks, and the money-back guarantee, he felt confident it was the right course.

Once he became a CMA, he had the confidence to apply to higher-paying and higher-caliber jobs. In his current role, he doesn’t experience micromanagement. His salary doubled, and he started his own consulting business with the credibility the CMA gave him.

He was excited to apply to jobs that aligned with his interests. He felt proud knowing he could advance his career on his own terms.

Jay’s CMA Success Story

Jay’s CMA Success Story

Losing his job during COVID made Jay realize the importance of prioritizing professional development.

With his free time, he committed to upgrading his skills so he could climb up the corporate ladder and get a remote position that was more reliable.

He knew that he would need some kind of certification, and he wanted to get more into management accounting. So, he decided to earn a CMA.

Before enrolling in the course, he tried a variety of self-studying and hybrid methods. He tried a book but found it dry, boring, and filled with jargon.

When he found CMA Exam Academy, he was relieved that everything was explained very well and in a simple way. This made it easy to learn, understand, and comprehend all the necessary information.

Following the course, Jay passed Part 1 and Part 2 of the exam on his first try.

Rhenumba’s CMA Success Story

Rhenumba’s CMA Success Story

Since Rhenumba’s education was not completed in North America, she struggled to find an employer who would recognize it in the U.S. She decided to get a CMA to strengthen her career possibilities and maximize her chances of standing out in the market.

After completing the CMA Exam Academy review course, she felt confident taking the exam. The course offered the perfect balance of challenges and support that allowed her to improve in a safe environment.

She enjoyed the precise, useful, and self-explanatory textbooks. She also felt that the test banks, audio lectures, and problem-solving parts were important factors that led to her success.

However, one-on-one coaching was what she valued most. She sent countless emails to the team and always had her questions answered.

After getting her CMA, Rhenumba got her first job within 20 days. After six months in that role, she got an even better offer to work as a senior fund accountant. It was a life-changing moment.

Now, she feels the world is in front of her, and she is ready to embrace opportunities.

Remedios’ CMA Success Story

Remedios’ CMA Success Story

Remedios is a senior accountant from Abu Dhabi. She wanted to get a CMA as an investment in her career and herself. Without a certification, she believed she would have fewer opportunities and difficulty getting an offer from bigger companies.

She chose CMA Exam Academy because of the money-back guarantee. The quizzes, test bank, video lectures, and weekly calls were effective and allowed her to spend fewer hours studying overall.

After getting her CMA, she got an offer from another company. She used that salary offer to negotiate a raise with her current company.

Having in-demand skills helps Remedios feel confident and secure. She no longer worries about losing her job because she knows her skills are valuable.

She feels like she accomplished something, and she’s grateful she passed.

Transform Your Career and Your Life With CMA Exam Academy

Transform Your Career and Your Life With CMA Exam Academy

For many ambitious, hard-working accounting professionals, the challenging process of obtaining a CMA designation is the only thing standing in the way of the career of their dreams.

If you’ve been struggling with stagnation in your career, you’re not alone. After years of helping CMA candidates pass the exam in one try, I’ve learned that almost all professionals face these problems.

It’s why I developed one of the leading CMA review courses. And the results speak for themselves. CMA Exam Academy students have a pass rate that is 43% higher than the global average.

The comprehensive curriculum is designed to empower you to pass the CMA exam, earn your dream salary, take on executive roles, and earn respect as a leading professional in your field.

So if you’d like to go from an underappreciated rote accounting role to a CMA success story, check out our review courses to get started.

If you’ve been thinking about study courses to support your journey to becoming a CMA, I’d love to talk more about how CMA Exam Academy can help. Drop a question in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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