The Best CMA Review Book For Non-Native English Speakers

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It’s no secret that studying for the Certified Management Accountant exam can be grueling, and for non-native English speakers, the challenge is even greater. That’s why we have created the ultimate electronic CMA review book that’ll help you not only ace the exam, but truly understand the material to help skyrocket your career. 

If you are reading and understanding this article, not to worry!  Your English is likely at a satisfactory level to commence your studies for the CMA exam. It mainly requires you to be able to read and comprehend written English as well as write in essay format.  

Why a Dictionary is Critical to Your Success

However, you will have to study hard as you come across unfamiliar accounting terminology which you will be faced with again on the exam.  This is precisely why I have equipped my Interactive CMA review book with a built in dictionary.  

Check this out…

Rather than wasting the time and effort it takes to highlight the word in your CMA books, pull out a dictionary, and pencil the definition on the page, the interactive CMA review book makes each word definition instantly available. Just highlight any word and the definition will be shown.  

For example, highlight the word “equity” in your Interactive CMA review book and a drop down menu appears below from which you may select “search dictionary” to find the definition.

Click “search dictionary” and the dictionary appears in a window on the left hand side, providing several comprehensive definitions for the term “equity”.

It’s that simple!

This online Interactive CMA review book is part of our Complete CMA Test Prep Course.

We also have our electronic CMA books available in Part-One and Part-Two versions respectively.

The day non-english speakers struggle preparing for the exam is long gone. You can either buy a separate dictionary and carry it with you everywhere, or you can take advantage of the one already built into our CMA books. Exam prep doesn’t get any easier than this.

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