Learn Debits and Credits, and More Accounting Basics

Learn Debits Credits Accounting Basics

Studying accounting can get really tedious. From the basics of debits and credits to the many ins and outs of the CMA exam, it’s easy to get lost.

I get so many emails from CMA candidates looking to switch careers into Management Accounting but don’t feel confident in the basics.

If this is you, get back to the fundamentals with the Debits and Credits game by Accounting Play. This fun and challenging game will give you a strong foundation of accounting knowledge and set you off on a path of success in your new CMA career.

Here’s a list of reasons to start your CMA exam prep with the Debits and Credits game.

Game-based learning is more effective than traditional learning

There are piles of research that show that we learn better through games than through studying a textbook or in a classroom. The Debits and Credits game features a Learn section that will help you review the basics of T-accounts and accounting transactions, but the real magic happens when you’re playing the rapid-fire game itself. These fundamentals are the basis of all accounting.

The game adapts to your knowledge level

Before you start, you can choose to play with 1-4 T-account transactions. No matter which you choose, the game will start you off with easy questions and get more difficult only as you answer correctly.

As The Learning Council says, “Games that are planned and designed well will offer enough difficulty to keep it challenging while still being easy enough for the player to win.” The Debits and Credits game is built to do exactly that, and you’ll reap the benefits when you play.

Compete with fellow CMA candidates for a high score

Within the app, you’re racing against the clock to earn as many coins as possible. Each game lasts only 1 minute, so it’s easy to crank through a bunch of games at a time. It’s also easy to get addicted and keep trying to get just one more coin to beat your high score.

Unlike a textbook, you’ll constantly have the Debits and Credits game right at your fingertips with your phone or tablet. Get some studying done on the bus, in bed, or even while you’re waiting for your coffee.

It’s Free

The Debits and Credits game is available for absolutely nothing. All it takes is a few taps to get started on your journey to accounting enlightenment.

It’s a very useful tool if you’re looking to get a refresher in Accounting basics. Or if you are looking to switch careers into Management Accounting but don’t feel confident in the basics, this will help you.

For additional Accounting Basic resources, visit Accounting Play’s website.

Rooting for your exam success!

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