Episode 15 – The Rise of the Certified Management Accountant in the Banking Industry

Certified management accountant

The Certified Management Accountant designation is growing at a fast pace. That’s due to the demand for professionals with such advanced skills in management accounting. The banking industry is no exception. 

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Week’s Episode:

  • Certified Management Accountant vs MBA – which one is more practical in real life?
  • How relevant the Certified Management Accountant designation is in the banking industry
  • How helpful the CMA designation is for a Corporate Finance Director
  • If considering a move to a different industry, does the Certified Management Accountant designation hold its value?
  • The one skill you need to nurture today to become a Corporate Finance Director tomorrow
  • How to know if complacency has become the silent killer of your career – and what you can do about it now


  • CMAExamAcademy.com/textbook — To claim your free CMA Part-One textbook in paperback
  • Chris Lieber @ Pacific Mercantile Bank
  • Toastmasters International
  • Horizon Analytics® – Horizon Analytics is Pacific Mercantile Bank’s proprietary financial tool that provides a level of insight and analysis uncommon for small- to medium-sized private businesses. Using a proprietary private company database and financial analysis techniques typically available only to large public companies, Horizon Analytics helps businesses understand how their financial performance compares to their competitors and develop a detailed multi-year financial forecast to assist with capital planning and business investment. Through the insight provided by Horizon Analytics, Pacific Mercantile Bank helps its clients navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and look into the future, far beyond a company’s day-to-day activities.
  • OCCN Speakers Forum 2016 PSA Youtube Page
  • Chris Lieber LinkedIn

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