CMA Bootcamp – Part Two

Welcome to CMA Bootcamp!

The Bootcamp method is more than a database of questions. It’s the most effective and easiest review method to use while delivering the fastest learning results.

CMA Bootcamp utilizes our proprietary “Adaptive Learning Technology” that automatically chooses what you should study next based upon your strong and weak areas from previous study sessions creating an incredible efficient and personalized study method.

Simply put, as you work through practice questions, the course’s adaptive learning technology identifies your strengths and weaknesses by topic. 

Then, the topics in the mock exams that come easily to you will be shown less often (but just enough to remain fresh) while the one’s that you find harder to learn will be shown more often, helping you learn what you don’t know, faster.

The result is a 100% personalized study method that will automatically focus your studies on the content areas you need it most – effectively slashing your learning time.

Here’s to your exam success!