Ultimate CMA Part-One Formula Guide

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One of the most challenging aspects of the exam is to memorize all the formulas. In fact – not knowing the right formulas to perform calculations cause thousands of candidates to fail the exam each year. These PDF files contain all the formulas you’ll be tested on in the exam. You’ll need to know the formulas by heart, and these handy formula guides make memorizing them a breeze.



Become an expert on the CMA exam formulas with this downloadable PDF guide. In it you will find all the necessary formulas needed to pass Part One.

Each part of the exam will require you to know formulas and do calculations, so understanding and knowing how and when to apply these formulas is crucial to your success.

Who is this for?

The Ultimate CMA Formula Guide is perfect for any candidate who wants to take their CMA exam prep to the next level. Whether you are using CMA Exam Academy or any other review course, this formula guide is the perfect addition to supplement your study efforts.

  • All formulas for Part One of the CMA exam
  • Easy to download PDF
  • Printable PDF document for on-the-go revision

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Why the promise?

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