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2021 CMA TEXTBOOKS | Paperback Format

Supplement your study efforts with these thorough exam review textbooks in paperback for the Part-One and Part-Two exams – complete with everything you need to know to crush both CMA exams on your very first try!


CMA TEST BANK | Online Software

Get the exam day experience and test your knowledge of both Part One and Part Two’s subject matter with thousands of multiple choice questions you will discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can better focus your study efforts.



Audio lectures designed to help you master the core concepts of both Part One and Part Two. Study on the go with the most up to date CMA exam information.



One of the most challenging aspects of the exam is to memorize all the formulas. These PDF files contain all the formulas you’ll be tested on in the exam. You’ll need to know the formulas by heart, and these handy formula guides make memorizing them a breeze.



CMA tutoring is for candidates who are in it to win it. Don’t struggle through texts that don’t make sense or revisit the same problem areas over and over. A CMA tutor is your life raft, available to shed light on where you need to improve. Bonus: they know how to chart a step-by-step path for that improvement.



CMA Exam Academy has been tested and proven to work. I’m so sure you will pass the CMA exam by studying with me that I stand fully behind my work. If you go through the Academy and don’t pass the CMA exam your first time, I’ll give you a full refund. Click here for eligibility details. 

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What Candidates Like You Say…

The CMA Exam Academy was instrumental in passing the CMA exam on my first attempt.  I don’t believe I would have passed in a timely manner without it.”

– Ruben Dorado, CMA

I have passed part 1 of the CMA exam on my first try with a score of 360. I have Nathan and the CMA Exam Academy to thank.”

– Paula Koerner, CMA Candidate

“I used Nathan’s CMA coaching website and am pleased to say I passed both parts of the CMA exam on my first time. For Part 1 I got 420/500 and for Part 2 I got 440/500. I thank you for all your help. It really helped me a lot in planning and preparing for the exam.”

– Bob Varghese, CMA

Nathan is able to prepare any hard-working person to pass the CMA exam.  He has brought CMA success within reach of thousands of people around the world.  His coaching techniques are innovative and effective; his personal presence is supportive and reassuring. This unique combination enabled me to score 420 on Part 1 and 440 on Part 2.”

– David Wood, CMA

“I have passed both parts of the CMA in the Sept/Oct 2014 exam window on my first attempt. I followed Nathan’s method and cracked the exams. My scores are Part-One 420, and Part-Two 430.”

– Sushma Atthota, CMA

“My experience with the academy was very good. The academy created a specific study plan which kept me on track. Having the combination of reading assignments, practice tests and videos were helpful to me.”

– Chase Barnabi, CMA

“I stumbled across Nathan’s website during my search for a Certificate that was appropriate for my interest. I messaged him for some guidance and clarity as I was not an Accounting major. He was honest and told me it may be a little more challenging but not impossible for me to pass. I decided to sign up with him because of his quick response but most of all honesty. I panicked at first because I meant to sign up for Part 2 first as opposed to Part 1. I passed Part 1 with a 370 with the dedicated help of Nathan.  No matter how many times I contacted him for clarity on questions he happily  answered and that is why I am happily signing up for Part 2 with himFollow the program step by step, dedicate this time as it would not last forever. I am happy with my pass and so are my family and friends. I know you would be happy as well as your value increases.”

– Jenna Evelyn, CMA

I just passed Part II of the CMA exam (Nathan suggested Part II first since it doesn’t matter which order you decide to take them).  I have to say, it was probably one of the hardest test I have ever taken and I am elated that I passed.  It would have not been likely had I not signed up for the CMA Exam Academy program.  Between the exam material, the step by step study guide and the video tutorial, I was as ready as I could have been.  Nathan really cared about my progress and my results as we continued to exchange emails throughout.  Thanks Nathan!!!!!”

– Steve Christos, CMA

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